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Get off to a good start on Tower of Fantasy: Our 7 tips!

Get off to a good start on Tower of Fantasy: Our 7 tips!

Here's our beginner's guide to Tower of Fantasy, the new PC and mobile gacha with MMORPG gameplay. You will find some tips for getting started and things not to neglect.

The long-awaited day has finally arrived! This Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 2:00 a.m., Tower of Fantasy was released, a gacha MMORPG that intrigues many players for its resemblance to Genshin Impact but above all for its much more multiplayer-oriented gameplay. We were able to test it in advance for dozens of hours, so we wanted to share some tips with you today to get your Aida adventure off to a good start!

Preamble: Properly install Tower of Fantasy

Before you start, if you have any problems downloading and installing Tower of Fantasy, whether on mobile or on PC via the launcher, please refer to our dedicated guides below. Your device may not be compatible , the servers may be overloaded, or your firewall may not be disabled.

Creating your character: take your time!

If you have already pre-downloaded ToF, then you have certainly already created your Avatar using the launcher. Whether this is the case or not, you will find that at the start of the game, your character will not have the appearance that you concocted for it . It's normal. Just like on Genshin, the adventure begins with a cutscene which will then ask you to choose between a male and a female character. This step is important because it is at this precise moment that you will have to choose your pseudonym . It will be visible to all other players and, once validated, no one else will be able to use it, not even you if you delete your account and create a new one.

  • Note that it is possible, later in the game, to modify your nickname thanks to some Dark Crystals.

    You will have to wait 5 minutes before you can put on (or create) the dream appearance of your character. During the whole introduction of the game, it is therefore normal not to see the avatar that you created during preloading.

  • Likewise, the look is not final: you can change it later with a beauty coupon (you get one with pre-registration rewards)
Tower of Fantasy

Understand the open world

Although the in-game tutorial already explains how to explore the open world, there are a few subtleties to take into account. To make your life easier, many objects are available:

  • The resources to collect : plants, fish, materials... you can collect them directly in the world or loot them from monsters. This allows you to cook (to restore your health or satiety) and improve your weapons.
  • The relics : your first "gadget" in the game will be the Jetpack which allows you to hover in the air. As your adventure progresses, you will unlock other important relics such as the overboard to surf on the water or the missiles allowing you to destroy the cliffs and free hidden chests, or the arc of fire (weapon ) to shoot enemies but also to release puzzles.
  • Chests : Many hackable crates and other chests are hidden in the open world. They are symbolized on the mini-map but also indicated when you get closer so keep an eye out!
  • Mounts : your first vehicle (the motorcycle) is unlocked after one to two hours of play depending on your speed,
  • Teleport points : there are plenty of them in the open world so don't forget to activate them to be able to teleport quickly
  • The Ruins : Dungeons to be completed to obtain chests, XP and other rewards.
  • Training centers : kinds of tutorials that give you rewards (not to be overlooked!)
Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy

Recognize the different in-game currencies

Tower of Fantasy being a gacha , it is very important to know if the resources you get are rare or not and what they are used for. Of course, we are not going to detail all the collectibles that you can pick up in the open world, but rather tell you about the currencies to be used in the shops or banners of the game.

  • Nucleus : this is the most important currency in the game. These are stones that allow you to summon weapons/characters via the different banners available. There are three different Nucleuses: Golden Nucleuses (the rarest) which are used on the permanent banner; the Black Nuclei (purple) which are much easier to obtain and which allow you to summon on another less interesting banner: the Red Nuclei which allow you to summon on limited event banners.
  • Dark Crystals : a rare currency that allows you to buy Nucleus,
  • Black Gold : a currency that allows you to buy duplicate weapons to improve them,
  • Energy : it is used to be able to do dungeons and recharges over time.
Tower of Fantasy

Raise your adventure level well

Tower of Fantasy is not such a simple MMO. After a certain stage in the story, the Bosses become really difficult and it is therefore strongly advised to farm the experience well before you get stuck. To do this, you can simply beat monsters in the open world but above all unlock the daily quests after an hour of play. This is all the more important to do them since they allow you to obtain 1 Golden Nucleus per day !

The higher your adventure level, the more you can advance in the story and unlock new features (events, challenges, etc.). Be careful however, gaining experience every day is not so easy since a limit of XP obtainable per day is activated for new players. In particular, this allows you not to progress too quickly (so you won't be able to farm all night to finish the game).

Tower of Fantasy

Don't forget to surf the menus

Tower of Fantasy is full of menus and sub-menus that allow you to improve your equipment but above all to collect additional rewards. You will unlock more and more content as you progress through the story via your adventure level.

  • Rewards : the "gift" tab at the top right of the screen allows you to collect daily login rewards, those for leveling up, viewing the battle pass or even redeeming promo codes. Take a good look at the bottom of the tab: you'll see other options like "newbie event"! This is the famous launch event allowing you to complete missions to earn points and even a free SSR.
  • The Explorer's Journal : The icon next to the gift is that of the Journal. These are missions per chapter to be completed to obtain great rewards. In Chapter 7, you can even get Pepper, an SR.
  • The Adventure Journal : Next door is another journal with daily, weekly missions or timeless challenges to complete. Again a source of great rewards.
  • The Store : Even if you don't want to buy resources with real money, it's important to go to the Store daily to collect a free daily reward
Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy
  • Achievements : There are a ton of achievements to complete which then allow you to get gold and dark crystals. To access it, open the menu at the top right and go to "Terminal". This is also where you will find the chronicles, your missions and your progress in the Story mode.
  • Spec Commands : This tab is where you'll find character summon banners! It's not very user-friendly, but to change the banner, you have to click on the purple corner at the bottom right of the screen.
Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy

Don't neglect World Bosses and Guilds

As an MMO, Tower of Fantasy offers World Bosses (huge Bosses that must be beaten in groups). The latter can then loot extraordinary rewards such as SSR weapons directly or matrices. You will only be able to make a few a week thanks to a golden key system so don't waste them! Take advantage of the launch of the game and the influx of players to easily beat the WBs.

In the same way, do not hesitate to join a guild as soon as you can. This allows you to earn significant rewards if you complete the daily missions.

Finally: before launching the game, remember to go to the settings to rebind your keys (otherwise you will be in qwerty) and modify the audio language if you prefer Japanese to English.

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