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Tower of Fantasy multiplayer: how do I play with my friends?

Tower of Fantasy multiplayer: how do I play with my friends?

Do you want to embark on a crazy adventure with your friends, but you don't know how to proceed? In this guide, we explain how to create a group so that you can play in peace with your loved ones.

Do you want to live a multiplayer experience on Tower of Fantasy, but you don't know how? In this guide, we explain how to set up a group with your friends so that you can share your gaming experience.

How to add a friend on Tower of Fantasy?

First of all, know that to play together, you will have to be on the same server. Inter-server connections don't seem to work or just aren't possible. Therefore, make sure that your friends are on the same server as you, otherwise you will not be able to play together.

In case your relatives are all in the same server as you, you will first have to invite them as a friend with the help of Tower of Fantasy identifiers (IUD). You can find yours at the bottom right of your game screen, or if you're having trouble, you can just as easily add yourself using your usernames (nickname).

Once this small step is done, you can compose a group.

How to compose a party in Tower of Fantasy?

In the Friends menu of the game, you just have to click on your friend's icon; a small window will open with his profile. At the bottom of the form, you will see a rectangle in the middle with "Join the group" written on it. By clicking on it, you can then form a group with your loved ones (provided they accept of course!).

To leave the group, all you have to do is click on the square of the group, on your icon and then on Abandon. You can invite yourself as many times as you want. To find your friend on Tower of Fantasy, the latter will be presented as a small purple flag on the map. By following his marker, you can join him for an adventure together.

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