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Crossplay cross-save Tower of Fantasy: how does it work?

Crossplay cross-save Tower of Fantasy: how does it work?

Wondering if you can play with your friend on PC while they're on mobile? Or are you wondering if you can let go of your computer to play Tower of Fantasy on the subway with your mobile? We answer these questions in this article.

Is Tower of Fantasy a crossplay game? This is a great question if you have friends on different gaming platforms than yours. However, there is also another question that may arise: will cross-save be available in the game? Because yes, it can be fun to play on PC when you're at home, then continue your game on mobile if you're on the go. In this guide, we try to answer these two essential questions!

Is Tower of Fantasy a crossplay game?

Yes ! Tower of Fantasy is a game that supports cross-platform functionality. You will therefore be able to play with your friends in cooperative mode regardless of the platform your companions are on! Whether you are a mobile player, you can join a friend who is on a computer without any constraints and vice versa.

However, you have to go through a small logical step to join your friend: add him to your friends list with the help of his Tower of Fantasy ID. You can find yours at the bottom right of your game screen , or if you are having difficulty, you can just as well add yourself using your usernames (nickname).

Once the person is in your friends list, all you have to do is invite them so that you can share the Tower of Fantasy adventure together!

Is Tower of Fantasy cross-save?

More good news, because yes, Tower of Fantasy has cross-play capabilities. Clearly, your progress in the game is linked to your account and not to the platform on which you play. Therefore, if you log in with the same account on PC or mobile, you can resume your game where you left off previously.

However, please note that you will have to connect the same account on each of the platforms of your choice, otherwise the synchronization will not be possible. To guarantee cross-save on your game, be careful to choose the right region and the right server, otherwise you will create a new character and thus start from scratch.

Will these features be available on consoles?

At the time of this writing, no information has been given regarding the console port of Tower of Fantasy. Because of this, it is very complicated to answer this question that can be asked. The developers haven't yet spoken on these matters, so let's be patient and maybe one day Tower of Fantasy will be available on console.

Who are the best Character Simulacrum in the game?

To your summons! The great rival of Genshin Impact is released in a global version, and the question of the quality of the heroes / simulacra of ToF is already starting to arise. If you want to know if your account is cleared and if you have the right characters to advance in the game, it's here!

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