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Grounded fog zone: How to enter the zone and make the gas disappear?

Grounded fog zone: How to enter the zone and make the gas disappear?

A hostile area near the starting point of the adventure is a major source of death and frustration for new players. Here is a guide with useful information to be able to explore the area, and plug the hole in the weedkiller bottle.

Grounded offers many different environments, but none quite as striking as the Mist. This large area is marked in green on the map, it is located just west of the starting point, and a little south of the red anthill. Entering the area will very quickly drain your life, which may earn you a surprise death initially. It is also quite painful afterwards, when you go to the picnic table or the sandbox, for example.

How to enter the toxic zone?

You need a Gas Mask or a Smoothie with a filtration effect. Certain accessories and certain mutations also offer a bonus in this area, but the mask remains the most fundamental element. The other elements are mainly used to prolong its effectiveness. The main materials of the mask are obtained from midges and bugs.


Mount Herbicide Summit

Sooner or later, you will receive a quest from BURG.L which will ask you to craft a marker at the top of the gas canister. It's not particularly difficult to climb when you know the way, you can go around the foggy area rather than crossing it. Then you just have to climb over the rocks at the back, to then climb on the vaporizer handle, which leads directly to the top. All that remains is to construct the marker.


Fix the gas leak

If you've ever climbed to the top, you may have noticed that the game asks you for a shard of old chewing gum in order to plug the hole. To get this item, you need a Level 2 Shovel , which involves going to kill Black Ants and Black Ant Soldiers. You will have to venture to the far north of the garden, to the boards of the shelter. You have to cross the pond, climb to the upper part of the garden, then climb the bike.

As for chewing gum, you can find one in a footprint, under the picnic table, several are stuck in inaccessible parts of said table, and you will need to build ladders and other buildings in order to to reach them. There's also one stuck in the Minotaur's Labyrinth. Finally, digging up treasures in the sandbox, during the day, often gives chewing gum.


Dangerous consequences

But be careful, just because you can fix the leaking tank doesn't mean you have to. This will effectively cut off the poisonous gas in the area, but the consequences are disastrous. Infected insects will multiply exponentially in the area, which is far more dangerous than the gas. In addition, infected insects will appear in different places in the garden , including an infected wolf spider that will patrol day and night around the oak tree. If you found the basic version horrible, you won't be disappointed.

In return, new materials will appear in the area, such as Velcro balls on the plants. You will need the Level 3 Termite Ax to harvest them. You'll need it at high levels, and it's the only abundant source.

In any case, you are not forced to turn off the gas, and you can choose when to do so. Then it's irreversible.

Map of Grounded Assistant Manager: Position, how to get it?

In order to access the various secret laboratories in the garden, you need a special access card held by a boss. Here are all the details explained in order to find it and beat it, then the list of doors that the card can open.

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