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Every teleportation for free in Final Fantasy XIV ? Here's how to do it.

Every teleportation for free in Final Fantasy XIV ? Here's how to do it.

You can stop paying for your teleportations in Final Fantasy XIV if you use the right method and here's everything you need to know.

Every teleportation for free in Final Fantasy XIV ? Here's how to do it.

Endwalker didn't only bring awesome changes as some player kinda suffered from one of the changes: the augmentation of the teleportation fees. Before Endwalker, the maximum cost from a teleportation was 999 gils.

With Endwalker the fees augmented by quite a lot, but did you know that you could teleport for free ?

Free teleportation in FFXIV

To teleport for free you will need a special item called Aetheryte Ticket, these items are really easy to get as you'll see below, and let you tp for free. You'll consume one ticket for each tp and these can stack up to 999 in one slot.

How to get Aetheryte tickets in FFXIV

You can get tickets from two ways:

  • Allied Seals
  • Centurio Seals

These can be obtained from two main sources:

  • The Hunt: Be it daily or weekly hunt you can get both seals from monsters released before Shadowbringers (those loot Nuts that can't be used for this method) and can farm A LOT of seals by hunting S ranks or participating in hunting trains. Most of the time completing a train or a few S ranks will guarantee around hundreds of free tps.
  • The Blue Mage Carnival: Completing the weekly challenges or you carnival will loot a whole lot of allied seals.

Allied seals can then be exchanged for tickets in ARR cities while centurio seals can be exchanged in Ishgard from the tavern vendor (the one on the left).

Most of the time you can farm more than you tp, even as I tp really often be it for crafting or spawning S ranks myself.

You can also open the teleportation menu and click de cog at the top to open the menu and set the amount from wich you'll use the tickets to avoid using tickets for tps that cost less than X gils, if you decide to tp from a housing ward to the main city for exemple.

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