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Overwatch & Diablo animated series soon coming to Netflix

Overwatch & Diablo animated series soon coming to Netflix

Activision Blizzard have a history of making animated cinematics of their games, and it seems that shows are in the works for Overwatch and Diablo.

Overwatch & Diablo animated series soon coming to Netflix

Whether it's Overwatch, Diablo, or World of Warcraft, Blizzard has a long tradition of making amazing videos to explain the lore of the characters and the game. Every player looks forward to the character introduction movies at Blizzcon, and they're asking for more.

Diablo and Overwatch seem to have a complete animated series in the making, and it will be available worldwide. Nick Van Dick says that he sold a complete series based on Overwatch to Netflix. The Diablo series will have an "animated style" similar in the one in Castlevania.

However, no date or confirmation has been given by Activision Blizzard regarding these matters.

Activision Blizzard deal with YouTube valued at $160 million

On January, Google issued a press release announcing that YouTube Gaming had acquired the broadcasting rights to all the competitions associated with Activision Blizzard's licenses. Today, some sources are talking about a $160-million contract.

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