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Overwatch League Season 3: transfer window, departures, retirements, and arrivals

OWL 2019, Overwatch League season 3: news, results, teams.
Overwatch League Season 3: transfer window, departures, retirements, and arrivals

Overwatch League Season 3 isn't without its fair share of change with the transfers, exchanges, arrivals, and the numerous player departures and retirements, we will focus here on the decisive roster changes for this OWL 2020!

Overwatch League Season 3: transfer window, departures, retirements, and arrivals

As every year, the Overwatch League has its number of roster changes. Departures, arrivals, retirements, exchanges, find all the information about the transfer window of OWL 2020 in this article!

Latest changes

Atlanta Reign

Straight from his academic team, Garrett "Saucy" Roland joins Atlanta Reign! The American DPS player is a hitscan specialist.

Old Transfers

It's time to leave for the DPS Babybay.

At the same time, Kodak, is moving from Support Player to Coach.

Houston Outlaws

The team has just announced the departure of Spree, one of the team's off tanks.

Toronto Defiant

A new assistant coach joins the organization in the name of Spazzo, former Talon Esports Head Coach — the team that won (almost) everything in Overwatch Contenders Pacific.


Washington Justice

After the departure of ELLIVOTE — who is taking a break in the competition — it's the turn of the American Head Coach JohnGalt to leave the team. At the moment, it isn't yet known whether he will be replaced by Wiz, Sup7eme, or by a new member not yet announced. PRE is the last non-Korean member of the team staff (General Manager).

Departure of ELLIVOTE

ELLIVOTE takes a break in the Overwatch competition. With the recruitment of JJANU, this departure seemed quite logical. At the moment, only one non-Korean player is still in the team: LullSiSH. Due to visa issues he has little chance to have some playing time before the end of the season.

Extension of Stitch and JJANU's contracts

After the final recruitment of JJANU, it's Stitch's turn to be officially recruited by Washington Justice!

Departures of Bani and Bawlynn

A restructuring of Washington Justice is underway and sees the departure of Chris "Bani" Benell and Analynn "Bawlynn" Dang, who were respectively an individual coach and the general manager of the team.

Recruitment of Stitch and JJANU

A new house seems to have been found for Stitch and JJANU, who have been recruited by Washington Justice! According to Liquipedia, they would have one of the new 14-day contracts, which allowed them to play their game this weekend.

Departure of Stratus

A new DPS leaves the roster, but stays in the structure as a content creator!

Departure of Corey

It's not an announcement we could expect. May 8, 2020 marks the end of the career of the American player in Washington Justice. Along with Sinatraa, and KSF, he was part of the US national team the year before, so it's a second champion who is leaving the competition today.

New-York Excelsior

Last year's rookie in the Overwatch League has finally found a new home! The ultra-talented DPS, Haksal, joins NYXL for the end of the season. The Excelsior are affording themselves the luxury of a crazy DPS line-up with Saebyeolbe, Libero, Nenne, WhorRU and finally Haksal.

With Bumper, who had been replaced by Fissure last year, only four members from Vancouver haven't found a team yet, despite the complicated situation.

Dallas Fuel

It's time to leave for ZachaREEE, who will also try to continue his career on Valorant. If he had been extraordinary during the Contenders North America with Fusion University, his results with Dallas Fuel have always been mixed, the team never really managed to break through.

Toronto Defiant

Former Los Angeles Valiant player during the inaugural season, he joined the Contenders Europe with the British Hurricanes, before returning to North America with Team Envy, with whom he finished first in Season 2. He now joins Toronto Defiant as main tank!

Original content by Jean-Vincent "Durvil" Cannata.

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