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Elden Ring exists, and Phil Spencer has played it

Elden Ring exists, and Phil Spencer has played it

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently got his hands on the much-anticipated From Software game Elden Ring, which has received very little information about its development since it was announced a year and a half ago.

Elden Ring exists, and Phil Spencer has played it

In an interview for Gamespot, Phil Spencer announced that he had been able to test the new From Software game, making fans of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises pretty envious.

News about Elden Ring development are quite scarce, and people are starting to wonder what the game is all about, or even if it really exists. Well, Xbox Game Studios CEO Phil Spencer can attest to that.

Having played all of Miyazaki his games, he considers Elden Ring to be "clearly the most ambitious game that he's done".

"He's so passionate about what he does. It's one of the things I just love about getting to work with him on some of these games and seeing them come to our platform." Spencer said.

Still no date yet for Elden Ring, but it does exist, that's something.

Original content by Edwin "Stratox" Gohier.

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