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Too many players are trying to use the Home World Transfers system in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
Too many players are trying to use the Home World Transfers system in FFXIV

The Home World Transfer system has been reactivated this morning and it seems that many players have decided to change their character's server, so many that the system seems to be saturated.

The last Patch of Final Fantasy XIV didn't only bring job changes, in fact, just a little under 24 hours later the Home World Transfers system have been reactivated after weeks of wait.

With the opening of the Oceanian Data Center many players also decided to move on these servers hosted in Sidney. The high demand of this service caused some issue though has the system seems to be overloaded.

Here is the complete statement from the FFXIV team.

FFXIV Home World Transfers system Overload


We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications for Home World Transfer Service, and it’s causing major congestion.
If you are experiencing congestion when accessing the Home World Transfer Service page on Mog Station, please wait a few moments and try again.

Also, please note that the time between the application and completion of the Home World Transfer will take longer than usual. However, the system is operating normally, and we are processing the applications sequentially, so we ask for your patience until the process is completed.
*Once your application is processed, an email will be sent to the registered email address to your Square Enix account. If you login before the process is complete, the process will result in an error and may require more time to complete. Therefore, please refrain from logging with the character you applied for until you have received the email notice.

In addition, we are experiencing a large amount of errors in Home World Transfers to the Oceanian Data Center. As announced in the news and when applying for Home World Transfer Service, you will need to have accessed the data center you wish to transfer to at least once. If you are planning to transfer your Home World to a data center you have never visited before, please be sure to access it once beforehand.
*Your access information will be saved once you have selected your desired destination from the DATA CENTER section on the title screen and arrived at the Character Select screen.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation."

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