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Cheaters have already been spotted in FFXIV New PvP Ranked Mode

Cheaters have already been spotted in FFXIV New PvP Ranked Mode

While Final Fantasy XIV just got the brand new Crystalline Conflict pvp mode some players reported large amounts of cheaters.

Cheaters have already been spotted in FFXIV New PvP Ranked Mode

The Crystalline Conflict has been available for a little over a week now in Final Fantasy XIV and while some players are enjoying grinding the ranks and reaching Crystal it looks like all players are not putting in the same efforts. In fact many players have already reported cheaters on Twitter or Reddit with dozen of posts.

It looks like many players having reached Crystal or even before that are using differents hacks to get an advantage in PvP.

What are cheats in FFXIV

There are different kinds of cheats in FFXIV and while some are used in housing to glitch furniture in ways that would otherwise not be possible or in PVE where some shameless players use cheats to get some help on some mechanics to then claim they're good at the game once the cheat helped them get the kill, we're now facing cheats in PvP.

These new PvP cheats include:

  • Check the spells/LB cooldown of targets
  • Syncs information with other team members
  • Signal when the player is targeted to guard
  • Cleanse and speed hacks

Will FFXIV and Naoki Yoshida ban the cheats

That's when things get a little complicated. Some cheats are already in the game for a while now, and nothing has been done for most of them. On the other hand, they don't change much things on a daily basis except for the World Race in PVE. This time though, the whole PvP ranked system is impacted and while the new mode's very succesful right now, with many, many players giving PvP a try and starting to become regulars a ladder plagged with cheaters could destroy all of Square's effort to bring the PvP back to life.

Banning this kind of cheats would be complicated without also destroying addons like ACT and such. In the end would that be a bad thing? Not so sure, we now have to wait for Square's answer.

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