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Lost Ark Maintenance: The Lancemaster and April 21 Patch Notes are available

Lost Ark Maintenance: The Lancemaster and April 21 Patch Notes are available

From Bern South to the Lancemaster here's everything about the new Lost Ark Patch notes of this April 21

This Thursday, April 21, 2022, Amazon Games is carrying out a weekly maintenance aimed at fixing multiple bugs and problems encountered in Lost Ark, in addition to deploying the monthly update titled Battle for the Throne of Chaos and including the Lancer and Bern-Sud . Maintenance is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. (Paris time) and end eight hours later, around 5:00 p.m. (Paris time).

The time "CET" indicated onthe official announcement means "Central European Time". It is concretely Paris time, French time in fact, to put it simply.

Lost Ark Patch Notes April 21, 2022

In short

  • New Class: Lancer (Martialist)
  • New region: South Bern (Tier 3, item level 1340+ required)
  • Express Feiton growth available (usable on Spearman)
  • New temporary event: Express Mission (until June 30)
  • Ark Pass available (Paid Premium and Super Premium variants available in the in-game store)
  • Grace of the Monkey skin available in the in-game store
  • Noble Banquet skin available in the in-game store
  • Multiple modifications and bug fixes more or less important

New Advanced Class - The Spearman

Lost Ark

Adept in an artistic and deadly type of martial art, the spearwoman slays enemies on the battlefield with a combination of her attacks, spear, and glaive. The spearman has two distinct sets of abilities, Focus and Unleash, whose stances and abilities are embodied by her two weapons. The shorter spear lets him deal a torrent of attacks with Focus Stance, while the longer glaive takes advantage of Rampage Stance to deliver elegant killing blows and knockdown attacks. Where certain classes require you to focus on one of these weapons, an effective spearwoman will be able to develop her full potential by creating a balance between the two postures. She will store energy in her starting stance to grant a hard-hitting stat bonus to her second stance. Learn more about the spearman in the latestLost Ark Academy .

New continent: Bern-South

Lost Ark

Discover and explore a new region of Archesia with the introduction of South Bern. The settlers of South Bern have borrowed technologies from different races to transform this once barren land into a place where water and greenery abound. After hearing the rumor of the dangers overwhelming Bern-Nord, the senate decided to close the gates of Bern-Sud and form a new order of chivalry. Suspicious, Ealyn, Queen of Bern, ordered Knight Commander Avele to investigate. So what is going on in this peaceful continent? Unravel the mysteries of South Bern as you explore this new region, meet new characters and complete quests. The story of Bern-Sud will conclude with an epic battle that could well change the future of Archesia. Bern-Sud becomes the second tier 3 continent after Punika, and requires an item level of 1340.

In addition to the scenario, Bern South will include the Chaos Gate region, the normal difficulty of the new Chaos Line activity, and the Thunderwings field boss. Bern South Chaos Dungeons will be added in a future update, when more players have reached the minimum item level required to participate.

Progression Events - April 21 - June 30

Feiton express growth

Players will receive Express Growth from Feiton after completing the main Feiton story quest “Willpower” during the event period, or, if you already completed the quest before the update, you will get Express Growth at the start of the event! The Feiton's Express Growth will work like the Express Growths available to players in the launch version of Lost Ark - Once you complete the story on that continent, you can use it to bring another character to that stage of the game With Feiton Express Growth, you will receive level 960 gear. This is an Event Express Growth that will expire on June 30.

Express mission event

This new event will allow players to select one of their characters with combat level 50 and item level below 1000 to perform "express missions". This character will receive level 302 gear and have the ability to complete Express Missions and Bonus Missions to earn significant refinement and progression rewards. Missions will be divided into four sections, corresponding to the main Tier 1 and Tier 2 continents (Bern-Nord, Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton), each granting an abundance of materials corresponding to that tier, to help players progress, like silver, refining materials, major potions, engravings and more.

For new players, we hope this will help them catch up with their friends while learning about Tiers 1 and 2 and the corresponding game modes. For players already at tier 3, this event can be used to quickly level up a new alternate character (perhaps the new spearwoman?). Completing all the missions will grant a very large reward, so don't forget to take advantage of this event while it's here! Like the Feiton Express Growth, the Express Mission event will run until June 30.

Shop Updates

Lost Ark

Ark pass

The Ark Pass gives players new ways to earn meaningful rewards just for playing Lost Ark. With the Ark Pass, players can complete missions to progress their Ark Pass levels - and with each level reached, you'll earn rewards. The regular Ark Pass is completely free and grants a variety of useful rewards, like Refining Material Selection Chests, Pirate Coins, and even a mount! In addition to the regular, free Ark Pass, players can redeem Royal Crystals for two additional reward lanes - premium and super premium - which contain more rewards. The progression of Arche is done at the scale of the expedition.

The Premium Ark Pass will add additional rewards with each level players gain, in addition to the free rewards. For example, there will be more Refinement Material Selection Chests, Gems, Affinity Chests, and a Virtue Pet! In addition to regular and premium rewards, the super premium Ark Pass adds selection chests for the Noble Banquet Appearance Collection, Noble Banquet Wallpaper, and a few Legendary Affinity Chests throughout the 30 tiers. of the Ark pass.

The Premium Pass is available in exchange for 1,500 Royal Crystals, and the Super Premium (all rewards + Noble Banquet Skins) for 3,000 Royal Crystals Premium and Super Premium Ark Passes will be available through the in-game store until the 18th June, and progress can be earned through July 14.

General Store Updates & New Appearance Sets

  • Special Lancer Bundles have been added, including the Grace of the Monkey Appearance Set. The Noble Banquet Appearance Collection has also been added to the in-game store for players wishing to purchase it separately from the premium Ark Pass.
  • There will be a few other minor shop updates in the April update. Quantities of some items have been adjusted in Mari's Secret Shop, and a few new Crystal Packs are available in the in-game shop.

General Updates

  • Added 25-day tracking of new daily login rewards.
  • Improved co-op play for secret maps. Now all four members can submit a card and get rewards at once. No more worrying about someone leaving your party after using your card!
  • Changes to the chat tab will now be shared across the expedition.
  • Changed voice chat volume settings to stay within an average volume range.
  • Updated the server selection screen background.
  • Increased available character slots from 12 to 18.
  • Fixed an issue where skill tree information would not display when viewing PvP skill info from the Coordinating Book in a custom game lobby.
  • Improved coordination book settings. Players can now prepare skill presets, tripod tiers, skill runes, gems, item set effects, and more.
  • Updated text to better detail some Welcome Challenges.
  • Adjusted reward slots for Naruna Hot Springs.
  • Added additional joystick settings allowing users to adjust pointer speed and joystick dead zone.
  • Added a new button in custom PvP lobbies that allows users to view all players' active Co-Ord Book presets.
  • Added an option to clear all text in the active chat tab with a right mouse click.
  • Added a new parameter

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in unnatural movement of the sails in the “A Grand Voyage” wallpaper.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of the 'push to talk' function when the 'Game Menu' or 'Settings Menu' were open.
  • Fixed an issue that caused enemies to spawn too close to certain NPCs, making it difficult to interact with them.
  • Fixed an issue that directed players to the wrong area in the “Sniff For News” quests.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented text from appearing in the text-to-speech chat tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an “Unknown Error” message to appear when traversing the Dark Lair dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where the untradeable version of the Avenger's Destruction Appearance Set only applied to one slot.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Armel to the Rescue” mid-scene was not available in the Chamber of Memories.
  • Fixed an issue that would shift the event timer displayed on the map depending on the player's timezone.
  • Fixed an issue where the voice could not be heard in several cutscenes while playing a female class.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed “unknown error” when attempting to equip a compass that could not be equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented completing the quest "A Plunge into Death" when logging back in after equipping the Necromancer disguise.
  • Fixed an issue that caused VO lines to be inaudible during Abyss Dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where some texts in the Coordinating Book were not displaying in the correct language in French, German or Spanish.
  • Fixed an issue where another character's VO would play when Armen spoke during the quest "A Belated Help".
  • Fixed an issue displaying debug text when opening more than one Engraving Selection Chest at a time.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented "trusted" players from initiating a trade with a new or untrusted account.
  • Fixed an issue where the total number of members and the number of online members in the “Guild Menu” would not display when using a language other than English.
  • Fixed an issue with controllers that caused some buttons to become unresponsive after skipping cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where some tooltips were missing in the controller's "Settings Menu".
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the context menu from opening with a controller in the “Friends Menu”.

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