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Minecraft makes a point of teaching accessibility

Minecraft makes a point of teaching accessibility

When it comes to education and teaching, the Mojang Studios title is never far away. Minecraft has indeed decided to make it a point of honor to instill in our little darlings accessibility for all through Minecraft BuildAbility World.

Minecraft makes a point of teaching accessibility

It's no secret that the developers of Minecraft are currently working on the next update which should see the light of day this summer through the Wild Update. And if they strive to offer new Snapshots every week in order to have a preview of the content to come, they do not forget to offer ever more educational content with Minecraft Education.

After having advocated peace with the establishment of Active Citizen, this time, the cubic title wants to make a point of honor on Accessibility for all .

Minecraft lifts the veil on BuildAbility

Through BuildAbility , Minecraft wants to make people understand that, in our world, if there are people who are totally able-bodied and who do not have difficulty in moving and moving around in the public spaces of everyday life, there is on the other hand a part of our population that struggles to access these spaces.

To do this, BuildAbility focuses on accessibility and building inclusive spaces . Thus, students will begin by becoming familiar with the five types of barriers to accessibility: Attitudinal barriers, barriers related to information or communication, organizational or systemic barriers, physical barriers and technological barriers.

Afterwards, they will be able to explore the different spaces built especially for the occasion and help the NPCs they meet through them. Indeed, each of them will be representative of a problem that people with reduced mobility may encounter, and the players will therefore have to come to their aid through a very specific construction.

A tailor-made collaboration for this learning

For the establishment and development of BuildAbility, Microsoft partnered with the Peel District School Board in Ontario. It is indeed the students and educators of the PDSB who have actively worked on this project through Minecraft, so that the developers of Mojang Studios have real expertise.

Through BuildAbility , the developers want students to open their eyes to the reality of accessibility for all, and to realize what has been done, or not done, for these people.

To do this, three distinct areas will be available: a school, a shopping center and a corner of the community with a gas station that also includes a store. Of course, the students will not be released into nature without indication since the world will be accompanied by a guide.

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day

It is on May 19 that Minecraft players have an appointment . Indeed, to celebrate this special day, the developers will give a live lesson through BuildAbility. The Cobblestone Collective, a global training partner of Microsoft, will host live, co-directed virtual lessons for classrooms around the world, available in three time slots.

You will find all the details right here .

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