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Minecraft: Discover the incredible reproduction of this cult painting in game

Minecraft: Discover the incredible reproduction of this cult painting in game

Minecraft players often delight the community with impressive constructions. Whether they come from their imagination or whether it is a reproduction, the result is always breathtaking, and the work of the day is not lacking.

The Minecraft community is probably one of the most creative. Very often on the web, we can see incredible constructions coming straight from the imagination of the players, but not only. Some have a hobby of reproductions. They are numerous and cover many themes. Players will, for example, reproduce a city or a famous building, while others will draw directly from other games to bring it to the most famous sandbox.

An art lover

This time, our player tackled the famous painting by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh: "The Starry Night" . If you are not keen on art, Van Gogh is a world-famous painter who in particular registered his art in the post-impressionist movement in the second part of the 20th century. His works are known by all, and he is one of the best-rated artists in the world. Now that we've talked history, let's talk about Minecraft!

A gamer named ChrisDaCow shared his creation on Reddit and the result is stunning. If he did not specify the time it took him to complete this construction, one thing is certain, he did not have to count his hours. The details are striking and discovering the painting in 3D gives it a new dimension. It is not his first attempt since he has already shared other of his creations. He notably built cathedrals, castles and other equally impressive buildings .

The community has been enthusiastic and many very positive comments have been sent to it, for good reason. We salute his work and all the energy but above all the time he devoted to it.

What's new in Minecraft?

If the community doesn't need constant additions to keep us entertained, the Mojang Studios sandbox will soon receive a major update: the Wild Update.


Like the previous one, which is none other than Caves & Cliffs, the Wild Update will also be rich in new features, and will allow us to discover new environments through the Deep Dark but also through the mangrove swamps. According to the words of the developers, but also thanks to the Snapshots that we have had, the Deep Dark biome will be in the depths of the earth, and to access it, our little adventurers will have to find a cave and then start digging, digging, and to dig. Yes, it will take a shovel!

The Wild Update will be available for download on June 7 for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and Windows - and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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