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Tower of Fantasy: Genshin Impact characters recreated in-game!

Tower of Fantasy: Genshin Impact characters recreated in-game!

Diluc, Kaeya, Yae Miko or even Klee in Tower of Fantasy does that tell you? Thanks to extensive in-game customization, everything is possible and you will indeed be able to control your favorite Genshin Impact characters!

On August 11, the long-awaited MMORPG Tower of Fantasy will finally be released. While many European players have already been able to test it through a beta, most are eagerly awaiting the global release to be able to explore the vast expanses of the Aida world in solo or multiplayer.

Tower of Fantasy: Ultra advanced character customization

Unlike Genshin Impact where you have to choose your starting character (the twin or the twin) without ever being able to change its appearance, Tower of Fantasy allows you to create your avatar from scratch. You will be able to modify his face, his hair, his eyes, his height and even his clothes. The editor is even pushed enough to be able to recreate cult anime characters like in Naruto or Hunter x Hunter.

ToF being an open world MMO , you will come across many other players during your exploration and it is therefore important to be able to sport a different appearance.

Fans are already replicating Genshin characters in Tower of Fantasy

Of course, even though Tower of Fantasy offers many different mechanics (mounts, PvP, summons, guild etc.), its resemblance to Genshin Impact has not gone unnoticed. Today, just a few days away from its release, the mmorpg is considered the most competitive of MiHoYo's flagship title and only the future will tell us if the two games will manage to coexist: will Genshin players have the time? and the desire to go to ToF, and vice versa?

In the meantime, a few players who have already had access to the beta, have decided to represent the emblematic characters of Genshin directly in ToF. You can of course find all this on Reddit .

So who will you be trying to portray in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy pre-registration: Register before it's too late!

Only a few days left to pre-register for Tower of Fantasy and collect valuable rewards for your future adventure. Here's how to do it and join the 3 users before the game's release on PC and mobile.

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