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Hogwarts Legacy: The new 20-minute video reveals 3 striking details!

Hogwarts Legacy: The new 20-minute video reveals 3 striking details!

The 20-minute Fall Special ASMR video that fans have been waiting for for Hogwarts Legacy is finally out. The open world map seems huge and the detailed graphics always make you want to contemplate Hogwarts and its surroundings.

Hogwarts Legacy The Legacy of Hogwarts delights us again this week with a new long special ASMR fall video. After the spring one and the summer one revealing juicy details at Hogsmeade or Lac Noir, here is an edition for the mild months when the shimmering colored leaves are gradually falling on the paths of the school. Without further ado, here is all the information you should remember from this "trailer".

Fall and haunted house?

Thing promised, thing due. Here we are with a new twenty-minute ASMR video for Hogwarts Legacy. This time, it is possible to discover Hogwarts and its surroundings in the middle of the autumn season and, as usual, we will decipher each scene for you to see if well-kept secrets are not hidden.

The first sequence takes us to a rather sinister town far from the school. We can see that the door handles of the houses are activatable (green glow) and that it is therefore possible to visit them. A teleportation point is also available which may mean that the place is an important waypoint. It is possible that it is the Screaming Shack but the latter does not look like it that much.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

The second scene shows us how the graphics are worked with the wind on the grass and the tree branches. You can hear birds chirping and especially poisonous mushrooms jumping at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. These are often used for making potions.

You can also see a huge spider web, synonymous with acromentula in the area.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Magic Forge and Dungeon

The third sequence takes us to a field far from Hogwarts. There is a kind of Forge in the open air where a magic pickaxe is activated to collect ore. No idea who it might belong to.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

The fourth scene is a simple landscape revealing a still unknown side of Hogwarts with a small door allowing to cross the wall. We hear frogs and we therefore suspect the presence of a pond.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

The fifth scene is much more interesting since it sends us straight outside a dungeon. The flags surely indicate which faction it must be. Probably goblins plotting their revolt here.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Ruins and Halloween

The following sequence reveals distant ruins without much particularity. We hope they will hide at least a chest or two that can only be opened once the enemies have been defeated.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Who says autumn says Halloween ! The seventh scene reveals fields of wheat and pumpkins with the village of Hogsmeade in the background. We don't know where the limits of the open world are, but if the mountains you see on the right are explorable then the game seems huge.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

The last scene takes us across a stone path leading straight to another village. The possibilities seem endless but since the live gameplay demo, some fans may have found the game to be quite empty after all. However, if the primary objective is to discover Hogwarts and its surroundings as potterheads have never had the opportunity to do, the bet seems successful.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
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