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Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: Cheat codes

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: Cheat codes

Discover the complete list of RDR2 cheat codes thanks to this list also detailing the conditions for unlocking certain cheats. Unlimited ammunition, war horse, heavy weapons, full map display, money, honour, all you have to do is ask.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: Cheat codes

It's a tradition at Rockstar but given the size of the Red Dead Redemption 2 world, we could doubt the existence of the famous cheat codes, those famous commands to enter a dedicated menu in order to sow mischief in the Far-West at a lower cost.

Warning: Remember to make a separate save before entering these cheat codes, enabling them prevents you from getting trophies and saving. Use them at your own risk. Normally these codes will not work in Red Dead Online when it is available.

How to enter a code in RDR2

Pause the game, select Options and then press Triangle/Y (depending on your console) to open the code menu. You will then have to enter one of the codes below (capital letters are not important). You will get a confirmation message when a code is unlocked. By saving the game you will no longer need to enter these codes, you can simply activate and deactivate them at will in the code menu.

Note: The codes are in English, regardless of the language of the game.

Prerequisites for using some Cheat codes

Ironically, it will take some effort to unlock some codes: there are conditions to activate them. In general, it will often be things like buying the newspaper after specific events, missions or chapters. These logs contain the codes, you can have fun looking for them. In any case, the corresponding log must be in your inventory when you enter the code to unlock and activate it.

We have therefore separated the codes that have a prerequisite from those that do not.

Codes without prerequisites



Make me better

Dead Eye Level (2)

I shall be better

Dead Eye Level (3)

I still seek more

Dead Eye Level (4)

I seek and I find

Dead Eye Level (5)

You flourish

before you die

Fills Arthur’s Health,

Stamina and

Dead-Eye meters

Better than

my dog

The horse can be whistling from

any distance.

A fool on


Makes you instantly

drunk and maintains the effect as much as

that the cheat is active.

Run! Run! Run!

Makes a

race horse

Keep your

dreams simple

Makes a

wagon with a horse

Seek all the bounty
of this place

Permanently increases

Arthur’s Health, Stamina

and Dead-Eye meters

You Want
Something New

Makes a random

type horse appear

Eat of Knowledge

Unlock all the
craft recipes

You want more
than you have

Makes a
high quality horse


Buy all the
camp improvements
and fully increases

the reserves

A simple life,
a beautiful death

Gives you some

basic weapons

Death is silence

Gives you weapons

discreet (Knives and Tomahawk
of different types)

You want

Increase Wanted Level

You want

Decrease Wanted Level

Balance. All is balance

Sets honor to neutral

Keep your dreams light

Spawns a buggy

Vanity. All is vanity

Awards all outfits

History is written by fools

Add the ace gear
of the trigger to
your inventory:

Holster (weak hand)
Double action revolver

Schofield Revolver

Double barrel rifle

Greed is now a virtue

Add 500 dollars

You revel in your
disgrace, I see

Reduces honor to the

My kingdom is a horse

Increases player bonding

with all currently owned horses

Codes with prerequisites



Prerequisites :
buy the newspaper

Abundance is
the dullest desire

Gives out
endless ammunition

Saint Denis Times #43

Greed is
American Virtue

Adds heavy weapons
to your inventory:

Pump-action rifle, Mauser gun,
Lock rifle,
Semi-automatic gun

Saint Denis Times #46

You Long for
Sight and
See Nothing

Removes the war fog:
reveals the entire map

Saint Denis Times #47

The Lucky Be
Strong Evermore

Infinite energy for
your horse and you

Saint Denis Times #48

You Seek More
Than The
World Offers

Fills meters and

fortifies Arthur’s cores

Hanover Gazette #36

You are a beast
built for war

Makes a
war horse

Blackwater Ledger #72

Would you be
happier as a clown?

Makes a
circus car

Blackwater Ledger #72

Virtue Unearned
is not virtue

Increases your honor
up to the maximum

Saint Denis Times #48

Red Dead Redemption 2

Remember that activating these codes will prevent you from getting the successes/trophies and from saving. Have fun sowing chaos in any case!

Written by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet. Translated from French by

Millenium Rédaction

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