Red Dead Online: Grieving Players!

Since Rockstar Games' announcement of the future of Red Dead Redemption 2's Online mode, the community has been bruised and players have decided to bid farewell to the title of the starred firm once and for all through a ceremony. funeral.

Red Dead Online: Grieving Players!

It was on July 7 that Rockstar Games decided to speak about the future of Red Dead Redemption 2's Online mode. Although it came as no surprise to anyone, the developers said that they had decided to focus more on the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, and that for that, there would be no more major updates for the Wild West title.

As a result, the community of Red Dead 2 found itself deprived, and the players therefore decided, through a somewhat special ceremony , to pay tribute to the title of the starred firm.

Red Dead Online, little angel gone too soon!

If everything seemed to work out thanks to #SaveRedDeadOnline, unfortunately that won't be enough! Indeed, as we told you, there will no longer be any major content updates in Red Dead Online, although the seasonal events will still be retained. As a reminder, Red Dead Online's last major update was on July 13, 2021 with the addition of Blood Money, over a year now.

As a result, several players wanted to collect themselves and therefore pay tribute to the game, in different ways. On social networks, the latter have organized themselves by giving some instructions, including that of going to one of the cemeteries of the game, namely that of Black Water, or to go directly to the city of Valentine and drink a few beers there.

As you can see in these different tweets, each and everyone did this in their own way, whether solo or in a group of friends. Some wanted to join as we told you in the cemetery of Black Water, while others simply made a number of pyrotechnics in honor of Red Dead Online (and it's very successful!).

Anyway, today the eyes are therefore turned to GTA 6 since it now occupies developers at Rockstar Games all the time , and as for a next Red Dead Redemption game, nothing is less certain. unfortunately, or if so, it won't be for several years unfortunately. However, as far as GTA Online is concerned, the latter will soon host a major update, and most certainly one of the last! We will of course keep you informed of future developments.

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