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Guide Red Dead Redemption 2 : Rock sculptures, rock carving

Guide Red Dead Redemption 2 : Rock sculptures, rock carving

RDR2 is full of mysteries and secrets, discovering them will often earn you great rewards. With this guide, discover where to find rock sculptures for Francis Sinclair.

Guide Red Dead Redemption 2 : Rock sculptures, rock carving

There are a total of 10 rock sculptures in Red Dead Redemption 2, all of which are required to validate 100% progress and fall into the category of collectibles such as Dream Catchers and Dinosaur Bones. Finding them all will also earn you a Trophy.

To begin, go to Francis Sinclair's cabin northwest of Strawberry, this disturbed man will then ask you to look for the sculptures, which will launch the quest "Little Guide for the Amateur Geologist". As their name suggests, these Rock Sculptures are all on rocks, so you will have to think about going around them, because it is easy to miss them if they are engraved on the other side.

Red Dead Redemption 2

When the coordinates of a sculpture are found, a letter should be sent to Francis by post. Once the 10 sculptures have been found, he will send you an invitation to visit his cabin and steal the old copper compass, which is required to make a talisman for fences.

Red Dead Redemption 2


  1. On a rock overlooking Owanjila Lake.
  2. On a mountainside, on the side facing the valley.
  3. At the end of the road that climbs Mount Hagen.
  4. Almost at the top of the mountain which looks like two superimposed stone walls.
  5. The sculpture faces the river, you can see it from the bridge.
  6. Climb the mountain and look for a passage that goes down along the cliff.
  7. The most difficult to find, you have to climb the mountain south of the river and find a path that goes down the cliffside.
  8. On the plateau, a rock has a pyramid inside.
  9. Visible from the road and facing him.
  10. On the east side of Elysian Pool, on a rock overlooking the road.

Sent locations



Kentucky bourbon and $10.


Decorative object with rock


Invitation from Francis Sinclair, then
a copper compass in his cabin

Written by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet. Translated from French by

Millenium Rédaction

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