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Red Dead Redemption 2 adds Bounty Hunters Expansion in latest online update

Red Dead Redemption 2 adds Bounty Hunters Expansion in latest online update

The latest update for Red Dead Online dropped on Dec. 1. Here is the full breakdown.

Red Dead Redemption 2 adds Bounty Hunters Expansion in latest online update

The latest update for Red Dead Online, the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, features the Bounty Hunters Expansion and comes with a slew of other new items and upgrades.

The RDR2 Title Update 1.24 / 1.26 was released on Dec. 1, and it's 5.3 GB on the PS4 and 4.9 GB on the Xbox One. It's available via backward compatibility on the Xbox Series X & S and the PlayStation 5. Here are the highlights from the upgrade:

Bounty Hunters Expansion

The biggest component to the upgrade is the Bounty Hunter's expansion, which expands the Bounty Hunter roles and provides an additional ten levels of progression.

The update has new targets, including legendary bounties, new free roam missions, new posters, new weapons, and new skills to unlock.

Once a player reaches Bounty Hunter Rank 30, they'll still accumulate Bounty Hunter XP, which can then be traded for RDO$.

To start the new levels, simply purchase the "Prestigious Bounty Hunter License" from the Bounty Board in the game. It costs 15 gold bars. Newbies can take 5 gold bars off the Bounty Hunter License, and all Bounty Hunters get 40% off all Bounty Hunter items up to a rank of 20.

New Outlaw Pass

The update also added Outlaw Pass No. 4, which features new emotes, outfits, camp upgrades, and other items. The pass costs 40 gold bars and comes with warm clothing, new skill pamphlets for satchel and skill, bonus cash, and gifts.

New Horse Coat Variations

The Mustang has four new variations:

  • Buckskin
  • Black Overo
  • Chestnut Tovero
  • Red Dun Overo.

The Missouri Fox Trotter has four as well:

  • Blue Roan
  • Black Tovero
  • Buckskin Brindle
  • Dapple Grey

Standalone Game Now Available

Red Dead Online is also now available as its own standalone game, for $4.99 until Feb, 15, 2021.

Miscellaneous Discounts 

The update includes extra rewards and discounts. All players will get 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP for the first week of the update, and players who rank 5 or above will get a treasure map. Players rank 10 and above will get a free ability card update of their choosing.

Other discounts include: 

  • 30% off all Stable Slots
  • 30% off all Repeaters
  • 30% off all Pistols
  • 30% off the Schofield Revolver
  • 30% off all Horses
  • 30% off all Saddles and Improved Saddles
  • 30% off all Coats (except Legendary Animal clothing)
  • 30% off all Vests
  • 40% off all Outfits including Role Outfits

Miscellaneous Upgrades

The update has a lot of random gameplay fixes and other little things that players might not notice. For example, players can now skip the Red Dead Online intro mission after creating their character. 

The advanced camera is now available on a horse, and players can choose stubble or no stubble with a beard on their character. There's also a new gun spinning management menu so players can practice their gun spinning moves.

Image Source: Rockstar

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