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Here's how you can to start a duel in FFXIV

Here's how you can to start a duel in FFXIV

PVP in Final Fantasy XIV is not only about ranked or 72 players mayhem, If you're looking to start a duel with another player here's how you can do it

Here's how you can to start a duel in FFXIV

Deciding who's paying for the pizza or showing off your new moves, everything is a good excuse to go for a duel and and have fun in Final Fantasy XIV. Starting a duel is free and will not have any influence on your PVP ranking so there's nothing to lose.

How to start a duel in FFXIV

To start your duel, both players will need to head to the Wolves' Den Pier, the PVP area located south of Limsa Lominsa on your map.

Once there, players will have to enter the Duel square on the right of the Aetheryte, after the practice dummies.

In this zone, you'll only need to right-click on a player and invite them to a duel, no need to be in the group.

There is no time limit, the level and ilvl is synced as in normal PVP mode, and the first player to be down to 0 HP loses.

If you're not used to PVPing, make sure to properly set your PVP exclusive spells on your hotbars via your PVP profile before starting a duel.

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