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New World Bow Guide: Builds & Gameplay Tips

New World: Weapon Guides & Builds
New World Bow Guide: Builds & Gameplay Tips

From choosing the correct build and perks to upgrading your skill tree and socketing gems, our guide helps you master the Bow in New World.

New World Bow Guide: Builds & Gameplay Tips

New World allows players to equip two types of weapon, each with its own Mastery tree and skills.

The Bow is a weapon that relies on a player's Dexterity, and can prove highly useful at range thanks to its devious skills.

Our guide suggests a build that suits both PvP and PvE play.

How to get a Bow

In New World, there are various ways to obtain a Bow.

  • Dropped by mobs or found in crates
  • Purchased through the it in the Trading Post
  • Crafted by Engineers

Arrows will also need to be crafted at a settlement's Workshop, and require materials such as Flint, Wood, and Feathers.

Different quality arrows will naturally deal more damage, but will require more skill to craft.

Which weapon to pair with the Bow

As mentioned previously, players can equip two weapons in New World. For those who wish to use the Bow as their primary weapon, we suggest pairing it with one of these two options:


The Rapier is a thrust weapon that benefits from Dexterity, just like the Bow.

The synergy between them means you don't have to worry as much about splitting your stat point allocation, and you can favour Dexterity-based armor.

As such, the Rapier is an optimal weapon for continuing the fight when your opponent moves into melee range. Combining skills such as Tondo and an upgraded Rain of Arrows, you'll be able to stack the bleed effect.

We recommend the Blood Tree active abilities if you use the Rapier as a secondary weapon:

Tondo - New World
Flourish & Finish - New World
Flurry - New World


The Bow doesn't really have the ability to zone an opponent, so the Spear might be a good option.

Its different control abilities affords you a little head start on your opponents. Combining the Spear's Sweep and Bow's Rapid Fire abilities will allow you to deal a fair amount of damage pretty quickly.

The Spear benefits from Dexterity too, so a natural synergy occurs with your bow.

Should you use the Spear as a secondary weapon, we recommend active abilities from both the Zoner and Impaler skill trees.

Skewer - New World
Sweep - New World
Cyclone - New World

The best build for the Bow

Credit: newworld-builder - New World
Credit: newworld-builder

Our guide focuses on builds that offer ideal balance between the PvE and PvP sides of the game.

It is intended for players who don't wish to waste resources when it comes to allocating skill points.

Evade Shot

Upgrade this skill twice.

Leap back 5 meters and shoot an arrow dealing 125.0% weapon damage.


Evasive Knockback: Evade Shot causes knockback of 2m.

Go the Distance: Evade Shot grants you 5s of 15% Haste (you move faster.)

Rapid Shot

Upgrade this skill twice.

Shoot 3 consecutive arrows. The first two dealing 100% weapon damage each. The last shot causes a knockback and deal 125% weapon damage.


Rapid Accuracy: If all 3 arrows consecutively hit the same target Rapid Shot’s cooldown is reduced by 50%.

Final Blow: 3rd Shot of Rapid Shot deal 25% extra damage.

Rain of Arrows

Upgrade this skill twice.

Shoot a barrage of arrows 7 meters wide that deals 150% weapon damage.


Barbed Arrows: Rain of Arrows causes bleed, dealing 85% weapon damage over 12s. (max 3 stacks.)

Hooked Arrows: Rain of arrows causes a 15% slow for 4s. (Slow reduces targets movement speed.)

Alternative Suggestion

For dungeons and PvP, there is one skill that deserves a lot of attention: Poison Shot.

With this skill you'll hit a large number of opponents, weakening them quicker and in the process level up your weapon skill much more effectively.

We suggest replacing Rapid Fire with Poison Shot in that case.

Passive Tree Build

Evasive Tactics

After you dodge: Deal 20% more damage for 5s.

Catch Me If You Can

If surrounded by 3 or more foes within 3m of you, gain 20% Haste (you move faster.)

Archer's Speed

Gain 10% haste for 5s when you swap to your bow. (10s cooldown)

Battle Precision

Debuff and damage over time durations last 20% longer.


Deal 10% more damage to foes suffering from a debuff.

Aim True

Heavy attacks arrows fly faster and deal 30% more damage.

Finishing Shot

If your target is below 50% health: Deal 20% more damage.

Unbreakable Focus

Receive 10% less damage while aiming.

Arrow Range

Increased arrow distance before start of gravity by 100%.


Bow shots critical chance increase by 10%.

Why did we choose this build?

Rain of Arrows is a skill ideally suited to both PvE and PvP, and is very useful for slowing your opponents annd supporting your melee allies.

Evasive Tactics is a useful skill to avoid enemies at close range, buying you time to change weapons and generate a devastating combo with the Rapier or the Spear.

Finally, Rapid Fire lets you inflict a quick burst of damage, while being able to aim for the head.

The passives chosen augment the abilities we've chosen, as well as applying various debuffs to your enemies. You'll also get a crucial speed boost as they encroach, which could be the difference between escape or death.

This build requires the player to be patient, drawing the string back further to to inflict heavy damage -- therefore tapping into passives that provide much more damage.

Stat point allocation

Credit: newworld-builder - New World
Credit: newworld-builder

Given the Bow and secondary weapons recommended in this guide are all Dexterity-based, it's worth putting a major chunk of your points into that stat.

Naturally, being a primarily ranged build, you'll need a little Constitution should enemies close the distance and swarm you in melee range. Adding some points here should help you survive long enough to switch weapons or react to attacks.

Bear in mind that your character must have 200 points allocated to Dexterity in order to benefit from the +10% damage to sneak attacks and headshots bonus.

How to improve your bow

Logically, you'll want to socket your Bow with Dexterity gems, which will ramp up the damage output of the weapon.

The same goes with wearing light armor -- you will be able to run faster, and benefit from the armor bonuses which give much more Dexterity.

How to level up the Bow

New World

Levelling up equipment is pretty easy in New World -- the more you use the weapon, the more experience it will gain.

Be mindful that the weapon doesn't gain experience if you don't use it, so even if you bring it out for a single hit, you'll benefit from the XP.

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