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New World Ice Gauntlet Guide: Builds & Gameplay Tips

New World: Weapon Guides & Builds
New World Ice Gauntlet Guide: Builds & Gameplay Tips

From choosing the correct build and perks to upgrading your skill tree and socketing gems, our guide helps you master the Ice Gauntlet in New World.

New World Ice Gauntlet Guide: Builds & Gameplay Tips

New World allows players to equip two types of weapon, each with its own Mastery tree and skills.

The Ice Gauntlet is a magic weapon that uses the Intelligence stat, and proves to be a highly effective weapon when it comes to debuffing your enemies.

How to get an Ice Gauntlet

In New World, there are various ways to obtain an Ice Gauntlet.

  • Dropped by mobs or found in crates
  • Purchased through the it in the Trading Post
  • Crafted by Weaponsmiths

Which weapon to pair with the Ice Gauntlet

Should you choose to use the Ice Gauntlet as your primary weapon, be mindful that your damage will scale off the Intelligence stat. Given its use, there are not many options without having to hedge your stat points.

Gameplay-wise, the Ice Gauntlet is an ideal debuff tool -- pairing it with a weapon that adds damage over time or bleed effects can be particularly devastating. 

Fire Staff

The Fire Staff embodies pure magical power. Not only can you inflict massive damage to enemies, you can burn them for even more over time, 

It's possibly the most ideal weapon to go with as your secondary, given it also scales off Intelligence. 

We'd recommend the following build for the Fire Staff as a secondary weapon, a mix of both the Fire Mage and Pyromancer skill trees. 

Fireball - New World
Incinerate - New World
Flamethrower - New World


Contrary to what you may think, the Rapier also scales off Intelligence.

Thanks to this, pairing it with your Ice Gauntlet is ideal for maximizing damage output.

Picking up abilities from the Grace skill tree will enable you to take advantage of the slows of skills like Ice Shower or Ice Storm.

We recommend sticking with the Grace tree when choose the Rapier as a secondary weapon.

Riposte - New World
Evade - New World
Fleche - New World

The best build for the Ice Gauntlet

Credit: newworld-builder - New World
Credit: newworld-builder

Our guide focuses on builds that offer ideal balance between the PvE and PvP sides of the game.

It is intended for players who don't wish to waste resources when it comes to allocating skill points.

Ice Storm

Upgrade this skill three times.

A ranged attack that deals 17% weapon damage every 0.25 seconds and slows enemies within a 5 meter radius frosted area - 25% slow, 20 meter range, and 5 second duration. Costs 25 Mana.


Weakening Gust: Incoming damage is increased by 10% for 3 seconds to enemies in Ice Storm if below 50% health.

Storm Summoner: Ice Storm mana cost is decreased by 80% at full mana.

Punishing Storm: Increases damage by 10% for each enemy in Ice Storm.


Upgrade this skill twice.

Player can entomb themselves in ice to become invulnerable and greatly increase mana regen. The Ice Tomb has a lifetime of 10 seconds and can be destroyed. Players have two options to cancel Entomb, exit by pressing RMB or break out of the Ice Tomb by pressing LMB causing a damaging knockback for 20 mana. Cost 10 Mana.


Strengthened Tomb: Increases defense by 25% for 3 seconds after breaking out of Entombed.

Cleansing Tomb: Cleanse all debuffs when being Entombed.

Ice Pylon

Upgrade this skill four times.

Places an Ice Pylon that fires ice projectiles dealing 50% weapon damage at enemies within a 20 meter range for 15 seconds or until killed. Ice Pylon creates a 1 meter radius frost area that enables frost powers. Cost 15 Mana.


Greater Pylon: Increases damage of Ice Pylon by 10% for slowed targets.

Pylon Regen: Ice Pylon regenerates to full health 5 seconds after last damage taken.

Pylon Dodge: Dodging with full stamina increases Ice Pylon rate of fire for 3 seconds.

Pylon Refresh: A successful hit extends Ice Pylon's lifetime by 1 second.

Passive Tree Build

Critical Rejuvenation

Recover 15 mana after triggering a critical hit on a target.

Critical Frost

Increase critical chance if hitting an enemy in a frosted area or with Frostbite by 20%.

Blocking Stamina

Blocking with Ice Gauntlet will convert mana to stamina on hit. Ratio: 3 mana gives 15 stamina.

Quick Frost

Increase speed by 10% in a frosted area.

Refreshing Frost

Reduce all active cooldowns for ice abilities by 20% when casting an ability in a frosted area.

Ultimate Frost

Doubles Ice Pylon's health and extends Ice Pylon frost radius to 5 meters. Standing in this area doubles Quick Frost and Empowered Frost bonuses.

Why did we choose this build?

In PvP, this build maximises slows while still dealing damage thanks to the various Frost abilities. Ice Pylon generates extra damage in addition to your light and heavy attacks.

We've chosen these passives so that you can take advantage of the AoE frost zones, gaining speed, mana regen, and the ability to be relentless in your harassment of the enemy. 

In PvE, you can control a lot of your opponents and have fun doing so. Slows will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated by your melee DPS teammates during boss fights or mob waves in Expeditions and elite areas.

Stat point allocation

Credit: newworld-builder - New World
Credit: newworld-builder

It's essential to put points into Focus when using the Ice Gauntlet so that you have enoygh mana, but primarily you're going to want to overload the Intelligence stat as that's where your damage comes from.

When looking at gear, you'll want pieces that have Intelligence and Focus. You're essentially the glass cannon of the game, so if you get focused by mobs, you're going to find life tough.

How to improve your Ice Gauntlet

The best choice when thinking of gear is undoubtedly picking up pieces that provide Intelligence and Focus. This ensures you have enough mana to spam your spells, and therefore deal the damage you need to take down your enemies.

To ramp up your damage even further, socket your gear with INT gems.

How to level up the Ice Gauntlet

New World

Levelling up equipment is pretty easy in New World -- the more you use the weapon, the more experience it will gain.

Be mindful that the weapon doesn't gain experience if you don't use it, so even if you bring it out for a single hit, you'll benefit from the XP.

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