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How to unlock the Night Pegasus mount in FFXIV

How to unlock the Night Pegasus mount in FFXIV

The Night Pegasus is one of the very rare mounts in Final Fantasy XIV and here is our guide on how to get the Pegasus Whistle.

FF14: How to unlock the Night Pegasus mount

Available since patch 3.4, the Night Pegasus is one of the rarest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. The Pegasus is a unique mount available through the Palace of the Dead.

FF14: Night Pegasus Whistle - Final Fantasy XIV
FF14: Night Pegasus Whistle

To get the Night Pegasus whistle, players must first unlock the Palace of the Dead and progress through this dungeon. The Palace of the Dead is a very specific dungeon with a different leveling system from the game

If you have not yet unlocked the Palace of the Dead, you can read our complete guide available directly here.

Unlocking the whistle will then require a lot of effort, it is necessary to climb (or climb down in the case of this dungeon). The whistle can only be obtained from chests on floors 150 to 199.

It is important to note that a wipe of your team from floor 100 of the Palace of the Dead will invalidate your run and you will have to start over at level 100. Likewise, from floor 100 you will have to play with it. one and the same team.

Obtaining the mount is random and is only obtained in the golden bags, you might as well get it on the second run or on the 21st. The mount is also available for purchase at the Auction House, provided you have a few million gil on hand.

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FFXIV has been facing servers problems for several months. A new maintenance for servers is coming tomorrow.

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