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How to unlock the Ventures for your Retainers in FFXIV

How to unlock the Ventures for your Retainers in FFXIV

The ventures are a great way to farm materials, grand company seals and money in general. Here's how you can unlock this feature really quickly.

How to unlock the Ventures for your Retainers in FFXIV

Your retainers are some of your best friends in Final Fantasy XIV as they can act as both storage, market board seller and most importantly, as fighters or gatherers once you send them on ventures.

Venture are availables on all of your retainers as long as you have unlocked them and will cost a special currency: the ventures. These ventures can be obtained from various sources:

  • Levequests rewards
  • Beast Tribes quests
  • The Grand Company Shop

To be honest the only way to get venture tokens efficiently is to go and buy them from your grand company using seals. If you don't know how to farm grand company seals easily, please feel free to check our dedicated guide right here.

How to unlock ventures in FFXIV

There are only three things to unlock the retainers ventures:

  • Complete the level 17 main story quest called "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn"
  • Hire one retainer
  • Complete the quest called An Ill-conceived Venture in the major city of your grand company.

These quest are really easy and here are where you can find them:

  • Limsa Lominsa: Troubled Adventurer in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 9.0 Y: 11.2)
  • Ul'dah: Troubled Adventurer in Steps of Nald (X: 9.3 Y: 8.7)
  • Gridania: Troubled Adventurer in New Gridania (X: 11.8 Y:12.2)

Once unlocked you will be able to use one to two venture tokens to send your team on missions and gather loot for you.

What to expect from Endwalker in FFXIV

Many changes are to be expected with Endwalker, both with classes and existing features. The new eight-player raid tier "Pandemonium" will also be introduced with the expansion.

While waiting for the release of this major update, which also introduces the new Reaper and Sage classes, you can take advantage of our many guides on the content already available here.

Our portal will also be updated as soon as possible with the latest information on Endwalker ahead of release, with plenty of content starting December 3.

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