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FFXIV: Goldsmith 80 to 90 Leveling Guide for Endwalker in 2021

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
FFXIV: Goldsmith 80 to 90 Leveling Guide for Endwalker in 2021

If you're looking to get to the maximum level with your goldsmith in Final Fantasy XIV don't go anywhere as we'll teach you the best ways to level up your crafters quickly in Endwalker.

Leveling your crafters in Final Fantasy XIV can be hard if you don't know all the options that you have to make your life easier. In this guide we'll cover all the options you have to get tons of experience and make it to level max in just a few hours with your favorite crafter.

Obviously, the better your equipment the easier this leveling will be. I have written this guide equipped with the Shadowbringers best in slot crafting gear: the level 80 pentamelded crafter set and the relic. You don't need to go that far as some of the way I'll list can easily be done without it, you might just need a few extra crafts.

Farming your own materials is of course even better, if you're looking for a guide on how to get your gatherers level 90, please check out our dedicated guides in our leveling guides tab, right here.

FFXIV leveling Goldsmith to 90

The first step is of course to use your manuals, these can be bought using the old white scrips, only cost 30 of them and even if they last longer than the 300 scrips ones, you'll get the same bonus with them, making your progression much faster.

Once your bonus is up, you have quite a lot of ways to get to level 90 easily:

  • Grand company deliveries: You can do one per job everyday and they give you tons of experience, in addition to the craft itself if can be close to half a level so please make sure to do those if you have the materials.
  • Custom deliveries: Just like Grand Company Deliveries, players tend to forget those while they give aroun a million experience points when a bonus is active. With 12 per week that's almost 2 free levels for the crafter you want with very easy crafts.
  • Collectables: Here we go with the big babies. Even if some of them will give you chills, these are the biggest experience income if you're prepared. Though most of them will require some monster drops that can be expensive to buy or hard to get. You can use your bicolore gemstones for most of them or send your fighting retainers to loot them for you. Anyway, while some of the recipes are kinda annoying you'll reach level 90 in the blink of an eye.
  • Levequests: While they're not as fast as they are for gatherers, these can be a great alternative to Collectables if the materials for the crafter you chose are too difficult to get for you. Sometime really easy crafts are available on top of giving you crystals and gils.
  • Sharlayan quests: Also available for crafters, you can use these really easy quests to get some bonus experience but as the crafters are grouped, you will not be able to use them on every crafters.
  • Brute crafting: This really depends on how much money, retainers and bicolore gemstones you're okay to spend. I leveled one of my crafters simply by transforming one item bought with gemstones and gils and it was really, really quick as the craft was quite high level, but that's an expensive way to do it and except if you have thousands of gemstones, a lot of time to gather materials or millions of gils, I wouldn't recommend doing so.

If you have any questions on your crafters or gatherers please feel free to say so in the coment section below, we could even write guides on very specific aspects of these if you need. You can also come and chat directly on my twitch channel available here.

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