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How to change the size of your summons as a summoner in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
How to change the size of your summons as a summoner in FFXIV

Have you ever thought that your Titan was too big or you Phoenix too small in Final Fantasy XIV? Here are how you can change your pet size in FF14 using commands.

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker and the rework of the summoner the job has become way comfier to play. While the class used to be called one of the hardest to play because of the long rotation the class is now easier to play and many players decided to unleash their summons onto Eorzea.

The summons are great and all, but they can take a lot of space on the battlefield so here's how you can change the size of your summons or even your team's using in-game commands.

How to change the size of your summons in FFXIV

There are three different sizes for your summons:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

To change the size you will need to open the chat and type the following command:

/petzise "petname" small/medium/large

For example: /petsize "Demi-Bahamut" Large

You don't really need the " " if your pet as a name in only one word tho. If you're looking to set the size of all the summons in one go you can change the name by all.

Here are the name of all the summons:

  • Demi-Bahamut
  • Demi-Phoenix
  • Ruby Ifrit
  • Emerald Garuda
  • Topaz Titan

With those you can set your Ifrit to small while your Titan will be taking half of your screen, your 100% free!

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