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Here's How to Farm Fire Crystals in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
Here's How to Farm Fire Crystals in FFXIV

Fire Crystals are very often used for crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. From the locations to the spells used to get them easily, here's everyhting about gathering crystals.

When you get into crafting in Final Fantasy XIV and start creating your own gear or just farm them for money, crystals can fetch really high prices depending on your server and farming them can be quite boring so the faster you go the better. In this guide we'll go over one of the quickest way to farm them wihout going to the market board.

How to farm crystals in FFXIV

First of all you need to know what are the only spells you'll ever use when gathering crystals:

  • The Giving Land: Level 74 spells that augment your crystal loot by a random number for 200 GP.
  • The Twelve's Bounty: Level 20 spell that augment your crystal loot by 3 for 150 GP.

Most of the time, the classic way of gathering crystals is to:

  • Look for nodes with +1 gathering attempt
  • Use The Giving Land on that one
  • During the three minutes cooldown you can use The Twelve's Bounty if you think you can save 200 GP.
  • If you don't get a +1 node you can reset the nodes by checking the 5 other node in a cycle.

If you have a lot of GP with your gear (most likely pentamelded to reach these stats) you can also use spells to get more gathering attempts on node where you used The Giving Land and maybe get lucky with a proc that will allow you to use the level 90 spell and get a free gathering attempts again.

FFXIV Endwalker Fire Crystals Locations

Here are the locations for the level 90 crystals nodes:

  • Miner:
    • Elpis - X: 25 Y: 10
    • Elpis - X: 14 Y: 18
  • Botanist:
    • Thavnair - X: 17 Y: 22
    • Thavnair - X: 22 Y: 10
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