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How to farm Combat Materia IX and X in FFXIV Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
How to farm Combat Materia IX and X in FFXIV Endwalker

There are a few ways to get Materias in Final Fantasy XIV. With Endwalker new raids here is how you can easily get your hands on Critical Hit, Determination or Direct hit materias easily.

With Endwalker's release and the new Pandaemonium raids players will need to meld or even pentameld the gear to be in the best possible conditions to clear raids quickly. If you haven't a big stock of combat materias just yet here's how you can farm some easily in Final Fantasy XIV.

While materia can be quite expensive there are ways of getting those that some people tend to forget before rushing to the market board. In fact there are two main ways of getting materias without using any money:

  • Hunting Trains
  • Adventurer in need bonus

New ways will also become available soon with the addition of Endwalker beast tribes and treasure map's portals but let's focus on the two available for now.

FFXIV Getting Combat Materia from Hunts

The goal with hunts is really easy, each boss you'll defeat will loot both the hunt currency and the tokens that you can exchange for materias. You can get both X and IX tokens but also decide to purchase materias directly with the hunt currency.

These can be exchanged directly in Sharlayan by talking to J'lakshai (X: 12 Y:13).

That's two sources of materias from the same hunt train.

FFXIV Getting Combat Materia from Adventurer in need bonus

The Adventurer in need is one of the quickest way to farm materias as you will always get 2 level 9 materias and 1 level 10 materia. There is no actual limite to that so feel free to spam these roulette as much as you like.

The quickest way to do that is to tag in Alliance raid with no gear equipped to augment your chances of getting the Syrcus Tower with runs that goes around 12/15 minutes.

Everything about FFXIV Endwalker

Endwalker is the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, released on December 3rd. We'll do our best to cover all the new stuff and produce any guides you may need during the expansion, you can also take advantage of our many guides on content already available here.

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