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The portals to Excitatron 6000 from kumbhiraskin treasure maps is now available

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker
The portals to Excitatron 6000 from kumbhiraskin treasure maps is now available

Treasure maps can now open portal to the secret dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV and here's what we know about the new loots and glamour items.

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With Patch 6.05 players are now able to visit the Excitatron 6000 in Final Fantasy XIV. This brand new dungeon can be opened after a group successfully defeated all monsters spawned by opening a chest from a treasure map. The portal doesn't have 100% of spawning tho and finishing a dungeon can be really hard as it's purely based on luck.

This new dungeon will loot crystals, money, tomestones but also a new golden minion and glamour items.

FFXIV New Treasure map Excitatron 6000 Minion

FFXIV How to get Golden Pampa Minion - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV How to get Golden Pampa Minion

FFXIV New Treasure map Excitatron 6000 Outfit

FFXIV Excitatron 6000 gear - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Excitatron 6000 gear

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