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How to expand your inventory in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

How to expand your inventory in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

Running out of room in your purse as tons of resources await you in Pokémon Legends Arceus? Here's how to expand your inventory multiple times to store as many items as possible.

Your adventure in Hisui finally began and you are probably already wondering how you are going to be able to store these dozens of available resources. Pokémon Legends Arceus actually offers a new way to play in the license with a system of crafting items from multiple ingredients. You can find these during your expeditions and pick them up either directly by pressing A or by sending one of your partner Pokémon to break a rock or shake a tree, for example. Either way, your early backpack won't be able to hold everything you find. Limited in number of places, you will therefore have to enlarge it to enjoy the adventure as it should be.

How to enlarge your backpack on Pokémon Legends Arceus?

Each box in your inventory is equivalent to a type of resource, thus, if you collect more than ten different resources, you will find yourself blocked and the painful message "your inventory is full" will then appear on the screen.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

To enlarge your bag it's very simple: an NPC will allow you to do so from the start of the game in exchange for a few Pokédollars. However, this will require having made a few expeditions to the Obsidian Plains and completed Pokédex Tasks in order to earn some money. The character in question is called Bagin and he is located in the entrance hall of Galaxy HQ.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The different upgrade of the satchel

Each expansion of your satchel will cost you an increasing amount of money. The first time, it will only cost you 100 Pokédollars and Lexion will add a box (a slot) to your bag.

1st upgrade

100 Pokédollars

2nd upgrade

200 Pokédollars

3rd upgrade

300 Pokédollars

4th upgrade

400 Pokédollars

5th upgrade

500 Pokédollars

6th upgrade

1000 Pokédollars

7th upgrade

1500 Pokédollars

8th upgrade

2000 Pokédollars

9th upgrade

2500 Pokédollars

10th upgrade

3000 Pokédollars

11th upgrade

4000 Pokédollars

12th upgrade

5000 Pokédollars

13th upgrade

6000 Pokédollars

14th upgrade

7000 Pokédollars

15th upgrade

8000 Pokédollars

16th upgrade

9000 Pokédollars

17th upgrade

10,000 Pokédollars

18th upgrade

12,000 Pokédollars

19th upgrade

14,000 Pokédollars

20th upgrade

16,000 Pokédollars

21st upgrade

18,000 Pokédollars

22nd upgrade

20,000 Pokédollars

23rd upgrade

23,000 Pokédollars

24th upgrade

26,000 Pokédollars

25th upgrade

30,000 Pokédollars

26th upgrade

40,000 Pokédollars

27th upgrade

50,000 Pokédollars

28th upgrade

60,000 Pokédollars

29th upgrade

to define

30th upgrade

to define

During your missions, don't forget to use the large chest at the bivouacs to store items that you won't be using during your trip. This will save you from wasting valuable resources by knocking out Pokémon Barons.

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