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The FF14 Housing Lottery System Explained in just a few points

The FF14 Housing Lottery System Explained in just a few points

Starting Patch 6.1 getting a house in Final Fantasy XIV will be very different and here's what you need to know on the new system.

The FF14 Housing Lottery System Explained in just a few points

Getting a house can be very hard in Final Fantasy XIV, and Patch 6.1 is going to change they way things work, a lot. In fact after the patch a new system of lottery will be added to the game, allowing players to gamble on the houses and try getting the house of their dream.

The lottery system will be implemented with the arrival of the new housing district in The Firmament and here's what you need to know.

FFXIV Housing Lottery Guide

First of all, the housing districts will now be devided in four types of wards:

  • Lottery Wards for Grand Companies only
  • Lottery Wards for Personal Houses only
  • First arrived first served for Grand Companies only
  • First arrived first served for Personal Houses only

Please note that Square Enix hasn't planned to release any First arrived first served ward with the new district, except if the demand is high. These wards will work just like the actual system.

Once in the ward, in front of the housing plot you want there are a few things you need to know:

  • One player can register for the lottery of one house
  • Every members of a free company can register for the same house to increase the chances

The lottery will be available for a few days, once the winner is selected all loosers will get their money back and the winners' house will be relocated or the plot made available for them.

We'll need to see how things go with the new housing district as kind of a beta for this new system, aiming to reduce the frustration of the actual housing savage experience.

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