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How to farm the Thavnairian Calamari in FFXIV

How to farm the Thavnairian Calamari in FFXIV

The Thavnairian Calamari FFXIV is a brand new fish in Final Fantasy XIV and here's how and with which bait you can get some.

How to farm the Thavnairian Calamari in FFXIV

Released in Final Fantasy XIV with Patch 6.1 of Endwalker the Thavnairian Calamari is a new fish that you can also sell on the market board or trade with other players. But how can you get it?

This new fish is used in two new crafting recipes. These two are new foods designed for crafter & gatherers and while the crafter food might not be optimal before the new pentameld stats are calculated the gatherer food sure is cool!

How to farm Thavnairian Calamari easily in FFXIV

To farm this fish you will first need to buy Mackerel Strips from any Scrip vendor with purple gatherer scrips. You can then head to Thavnair and go to the Perfumed Rise zone.

My favorite spot is the ocean close to the Tower of Zot dungeon.

Once there and using the correct bait you'll be able to catch the calamari between 6 and 12 seconds. If using the HQ buff the calamari will come as a !!.

From what i've seen this fish cannot be farmed with retainers ventures.

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Hannah C 2 years ago

?? That can't be all, these should have precise requirements i'd assume weather or times?

Hannah C 2 years ago

?? That can't be all, these should have precise requirements i'd assume weather or times?

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