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Your first hour in V Rising: 5 things to know for the start of the game

Your first hour in V Rising: 5 things to know for the start of the game

There's a lot to do in V Rising and the first few steps can be confusing, here's is hour beginner tips for the early stages of the game

V Rising is the early access that is starting to make quite a racket on Twitch and in the charts, we obviously couldn't miss it. It turns out, moreover, that the new project from the Battlerite studio has serious arguments for you to succumb to its charm. But before you jump into the fray, here are a few good things to know during your first hour of gameplay.

The choice of server is important

If you plan to serenely enjoy the PVE content of V Rising, you might as well throw in the direct evidence: absolutely avoid PVP servers , which are already haunts for glory-hungry vampires. And even if you would like to enter the competition, we still advise you to go and get your fangs on pacifist servers to get used to the gameplay of the game. Not that it is particularly complex, but the handicaps linked to your vampire condition and the fights finally quite close to the previous production of Stunlock (Battlerite) require a tad of adaptation.

V Rising

The tutorial ends when you complete the first set

The tutorial area, in which you will necessarily be solo, ends when you will have to collect skins in order to make a futal and a pair of shoes. If you are told this, it is because you may not dare to cross the portal leading to the open world before having completed all the objectives assigned to you. Just keep in mind that V Rising will constantly give you quests to unlock new breadcrumb-style blueprints. The resources needed to craft your equipment can be found on the wolves that populate the starting area of the world.

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Don't forget, you are a vampire

This is one of the strengths of the game and it is a point to which we risk returning in future guides: your condition as a vampire means that you will have to be careful with trivial things such as the sun, or money, if you plan to survive. It gives rise to interesting game situations and it will also condition your approach to healing and all that stuff . For example, it is possible to expose your veins, so that comrades in bad shape come to draw on your blood reserves to restore theirs.

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The farm is quite intensive

Playing solo can quickly become boring given the large number of resources required to build new buildings and craft new weapons. We say that with every new survival game, but here it's even more important: you need to play co-op if you want to properly enjoy V Rising and all it has to offer . Sure, there are tricks to speed up your resource gathering a little bit, but nothing that can't replace a few extra pairs of arms.

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Restart the first hour

Integrating the gameplay of V Rising and all that goes with it may take you a little time to adapt, so we cannot recommend enough that you do "several first hours" before establishing yourself for good on a server . You may also have to try several before you find what suits you: some spots where to put your castle may have already been taken, where the local population may be clumsy... In short, you have captured the idea , the first constructions are done quite quickly, so do not hesitate to start from scratch if you feel it is necessary.

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