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Genshin Impact Calculator: The best tools to help you optimize your account

Genshin Impact Calculator: The best tools to help you optimize your account

You may find yourself wondering how to optimize your account on Genshin Impact. There are tools that calculate various information for you based on the settings you want. We come back to the different calculators available in this guide.

In Genshin Impact, you must compose your team of characters according to several criteria such as the elements, the resonances, the effects of your equipment or the reactions that can be triggered. We invite you to discover tools to help you in this task.

Genshin Impact Calculator: What is it for?

A calculator is a tool that will be used to test your compositions in order to know your damage threshold or your statistics. In the case of those for the game Genshin Impact, they allow you to calculate your damage or the resources needed for awakening based on a multitude of factors that you can find below.

For damage calculation:

  • Characters (level, constellations)
  • Composition of your team
  • Weapons
  • Artifacts
  • Ttalents
  • Skill level
  • Passives
  • Resonance

    For the calculation of the necessary resources:

  • Hero or weapon level

    Some of them may offer you to choose the enemy that will be taken into account for the damage calculation.

Genshin Impact Calculator: How does it work?

The operation of this type of tools is quite simple and intuitive. You arrive on an interface like those presented on the images below. You then have to choose the character you are interested in and their equipment before choosing the other members of your team. You can also optimize the calculation by entering the level of each skill. Once your settings are complete, all you have to do is click on the button that allows you to perform the calculation and thus discover the result.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: The Best Calculators

After having seen what these famous tools are used for, we offer you a list of tools that fulfill the necessary functions in order to optimize your account. Whether it's damage, your characters or your teams.

  • Genshin Calculator (
  • Genshin Impact Calculator (
  • Genshin Impact Damage Calculator (
  • Genshin Impact Character Calculator (

For more guides and tips on Genshin Impact, do not hesitate to consult our complete walkthrough of the game with all the character builds, the location of the resources to be collected in the world of Teyvat or the quests for each update.

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