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God of War Ragnarok: 5 gameplay tips to blow everything up on max difficulty!

God of War Ragnarok: 5 gameplay tips to blow everything up on max difficulty!

We give you some tips if you intend to survive in the God of War difficulty mode, the highest of all Ragnarök. Quite hot, this level of challenge is nevertheless affordable thanks to the great generosity of the game in terms of checkpoints.

With God of War Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studios has taken the gameplay a step further, with even sharper combat, more options to get you out of trouble, and more possibilities for character builds. But if you've already played God of War (2018) thoroughly, we recommend that you increase the difficulty to hard, or even above, in order to make the most of all the additions and, in the process, to take a few mandals from some bosses of this new episode.

Quick U-turn, the reflex to take

This movement is never indicated by the game and yet it is indeed in the commands by default. To do a quick spin, which will come in very handy in arenas crippled with swift enemies, press L1 + down on your multi-directional cross . A manipulation that obviously recalls Resident Evil 4, which is the first game of its license to have bet on this shoulder camera, at the top for immersion, but sometimes a little annoying to manage multiple targets in a game . such as God of War.

God of War: Ragnarok

Training area: Parries and dodges

Niflheim, the realm that offered a roguelite experience in God of War 2018, is now a giant training ground where you can slug it out against every type of enemy you've ever encountered without worrying about your health. Some factions come up fairly regularly in the game, such as the white elves, or the bleak ones, and learning to recognize them, with the variants and their moves, will give you a definite advantage in God of War. Also and above all, we recommend that you learn the perfect parry timings for yellow attacks, which you will have to abuse on the fastest enemies in the bestiary.

Swing enemies into holes

And more generally use everything that comes to your hand, the interactions in many arenas will make your life significantly easier. We think of huge cannonballs or trees that Kratos can tear off in a jiffy. Even the trunk he leaves behind can be reused to deliver a fairly violent shockwave. But it's the edges that are the most enjoyable to exploit: once you've upgraded the Leviathan Ax with Ice Flames once or twice, you'll have access to a particularly useful charged move with R2: it will nab light enemies and will throw them 5 meters further. Once mastered, this shot is a safe bet for cleaning up the vacuum.

God of War: Ragnarok

Take care of your build

We have already told you about it in the article that you can read below: the game is based on 6 statistics and many different pieces of equipment so that you can build a custom Kratos: relics, shields or even enchantments. .. We will have to make the right choices. So be careful, all play pretty much the same way, however you can bring the character closer to archetypes well known to MMORPG players. Prioritize vitality if you're a tank at heart, or runic attacks and renewal if you're addicted to runic attacks. Be that as it may, all the menuing phases dispensable on normal difficulty become essential in God of War.

Optimize stun

The stun gauge is obviously making a comeback in Ragnarok, and its use is similar: you can do more of that gray damage when unarmed, but it's pretty limited gameplay, even though armors like Lunda's set the make a eu more viable. There are also ways to optimize your executions: if the circle is yellow on an enemy, it means that your R3 attack will not kill him in one hit. Take advantage of the fact that they are stunned to scratch their HP for free until you pass the circle in red and finish them with a single fatal blow. Be careful, Ancient Wood type magic enemies see their stun gauge drop at the speed of light, hitting them before doing R3 is quite risky.

God of War: Ragnarok
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