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Jewels of Yggdrasil God of War Ragnarok: Where to find the amulet upgrades?

Jewels of Yggdrasil God of War Ragnarok: Where to find the amulet upgrades?

One of the new features of Gow of War 2022 is the addition of an amulet in which to place enchantments. Discover its position in this guide, as well as those of the materials to repair its inventory slots at the forge and thus improve it to the maximum.

One of your goals in God of War Ragnarok is to get your hands on the many upgrade materials for your equipment, such as Flames of Ice, Flames of Chaos, or Fiery Breaths for your 3 weapons. But in a way, it can be considered that the only really permanent piece of equipment that you will acquire is the Yggdrasil amulet. By upgrading it, you'll be able to place more enchantments inside, which will help you rack up stats, set bonuses, and new, life-changing powers, like the improved roll. Here is a detailed guide on the position of the 7 enhancement jewels.

God of War: Ragnarok

How to get the amulet?

If you've heard of it, but don't have it yet, know that the Yggdrasil amulet is only obtained during Chapter 6: The Hour of Reckoning. However, it is impossible to miss, so you just have to advance in the story. It starts with 2 slots, and you can repair it with the 7 jewels of Yggdrasil by going to the blacksmith, for a total of 9.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

Position of Yggdrasil's jewels

Of the 7 jewels, 2 are given by bosses in the main story. If you ever forget to pick them up, they're found in the blue chest next to the blacksmith . It's always amazing to find out what we could have missed like this. The other 5 are in Legendary Chests all over the game. None can be missed, there are none in the Atreus chapters.

We are going to list these jewels for you in the order in which you can obtain them at the earliest. Some ask to advance far in the main story, or to obtain new tools.

Vanaheim - Naotunn Gardens

Explore the river west of Vanaheim, you will eventually discover a haunted and corrupted garden, also involved in the hidden quest of the Petrified Trolls. In the left part of the garden, there is a large closed building, with a window with twisted bars, which allows you to observe the interior and to throw your weapons. Start by destroying the vines that lock the mechanism inside by forming a relay with Freya's Sigil Arrows (purple), then blasting them with Chaos Blades (L2 + R2). The spheres of influence must be in contact to communicate the flames. You can trick and place a purple seal on the outside of one of the windows. Once the vines have been burned, throw the ax at the mechanism to spin it. Enter, and savagely loot the chest.

God of War: Ragnarok

Alfheim - The Forbidden Sands

The jewel is inside the Elven Sanctum, east of the second optional area of Alfheim. You need Freya to open the access. Enter the building and search the heights of the main room, the jewel is there. Prepare to face a Forsaken boss on your way out.

God of War: Ragnarok

Midgard - Rowers

Explore the ruins north of the Lake of Nine, you will eventually reach a giant chain to pull with your Herculean strength. This will reveal a staircase that descends into a new room, complete with a legendary chest.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

Midgard - Amalgam of Frost

This jewel is obtained automatically during Chapter 9: A Word of Destiny. When you are on your way to find the Norns, a Frost Amalgam boss will stand in your way. Knock him out, destroy his sources and collect your loot. Please note that other Frost Amalgams in-game do not drop Yggdrasil Jewels.

God of War: Ragnarok

Svartalfheim - The Forge

Shortly after obtaining the Draupnir Spear, during Chapter 10: Forging Fate , you will be confronted with 2 Ogres and a wave of enemies. The last ogre will leave you the jewel. You can't miss it either.

God of War: Ragnarok

Svartalfheim - Isle of Alberich

You need the Draupnir Spear to reach the chest. Land on the beach northeast of Booty Bay, then use the spear to climb to the right, via the hook points. Use the platform to pass on the opposite island. At its top, you will find your reward.

God of War: Ragnarok

Vanaheim - The Jungle

The final gem in the game can be found in the vast optional area north of Vanaheim. Progress through the areas, and restore the water supply to the river. Next, follow the dragon footprints of Service: Wake of Destruction. You'll eventually reach its lair, with a hole to fall into. Once at the bottom, throw the ax at the revolving panel marked in white, in order to raise the barrier and exit. The legendary chest is in the next room.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok progression: Skills, build, XP... How does it work?

Like its elder, God of War Ragnarök offers an RPG-style progression, with statistics, equipment level and a good shovelful of resources and important items to support it all. In this guide, we will see the main axes of the progression of the game to start well.

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