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Broken Runes God of War Ragnarok: What is it for, Where to find it?

Broken Runes God of War Ragnarok: What is it for, Where to find it?

During his adventures in the 9 kingdoms in the middle of Ragnarök, Kratos will find many objects and lots of varied resources, the use of which is not immediately obvious. Very useful in GoW 2018, the Shattered Runes still have a somewhat hidden use, we tell you everything in this guide.

The many resources found in God of War Ragnarök tend to be immediately useful, but there is one notable exception to this, Broken Runes . In the previous game, they were used to upgrade high-level gear, making them valuable. But that's no longer the case, and after finishing the game without using it, we wondered for a long time if it was just an easter egg from the developers at Santa Monica Studio, or even a joke on their part. . But they do have a use , no matter how small, as we've come to find out.

God of War: Ragnarok

Use of Broken Runes

No piece of gear can be upgraded with Shattered Runes , nor do they directly serve as special currency. In the end, they find their usefulness at the blacksmith, but in the "Sell" tab then "Resources" . It is possible to sell different resources in exchange for Silver, something that we strongly advise against, with one exception: Broken Runes.

You can exchange 50 Broken Runes for 5000 Silver , which is quite useful at certain points in the adventure, when forging many pieces of equipment, and improving others. It is then frustrating to be blocked by Money. All you have to do is sell your stock of Broken Runes, and you'll be done. However, this is not mandatory, and you will be swimming in money, like Scrooge, once in the high level content.

God of War: Ragnarok

Where to find Broken Runes?

If using Broken Runes has piqued your interest, it's natural to want to reap everything that passes, without missing a thing. Once again, the reality is rather mundane. You will naturally get Broken Runes on bosses, on the ground, and in the various chests. The only method that requires effort is to destroy the many Buckets hanging from the ceiling in each realm . Send your ax to knock them down, they can contain different resources, and most of the time they are the famous Broken Runes. Don't forget to pick them up afterwards.

God of War: Ragnarok
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