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Forest Ancient God of War Ragnarok: How to beat this Vanaheim boss?

Forest Ancient God of War Ragnarok: How to beat this Vanaheim boss?

A recurring mini-boss from God of War returns, in the form of a troublesome golem/elemental sort of thing that Kratos likes to pummel with his bare hands. Discover a written strategy guide as well as a video of the fight on maximum difficulty.

There are not only titanic bosses with dozens of phases in God of War Ragnarök, the game also has its share of relatively simple mini-bosses, which require you to correctly manage a basic strategy. Without being complex, the Ancient of wood is nevertheless formidable, since its attacks are devastating, and it is necessary to use an unusual strategy, based on ranged attacks.

The objective of this guide, as well as all those dedicated to the bosses that will follow, is to help you beat them on maximum difficulty, "Only God of War", so that they are relevant for all levels.


  • You're going to encounter quite a few Elders on your adventures in the realms, so it's best to learn how to deal with them. Be aware that they don't really attack in melee, and your hits will usually bounce. In parallel, their heart will launch rains of explosive projectiles, as well as a devastating energy beam to dodge.
  • The principle of the fight is simple, send your Leviathan Ax into the heart of the Ancient by throwing it . This will inflict damage, in addition to quickly filling up his stun gauge. It will also drop White Orbs to the ground. You can pick them up and throw them at the heart , in order to inflict massive stun damage.
  • The best way to deal with an Elder is to use an obstacle for protection , such as the tree to the left of the area. Later, you can also use corner walls or other obstacles. This will allow you to be safe from the projectiles of the old, while being able to attack with impunity, shifting a few centimeters.
  • If you don't like to use the easy and somewhat loose technique of using an obstacle, you can position yourself at long range, this will give you more time to dodge after throwing the axe.
  • Either way, when the Ancient One's stun bar is full, he collapses, and you can initiate a grab sequence with R3 . You have a few seconds of margin, so do not hesitate to give him a few blows before climbing on him.
  • There follows a small QTE, during which you just have to press R1 or R2 in a loop, it doesn't matter too much.
  • After a few seconds, the old one will get up, and you have to start the procedure again. Unless you managed to inflict a lot of damage on the Ancient before climbing on him, plan two similar phases.
  • The real difficulty of the fight comes from the fact that small enemies are also present in the area. They hurt a lot, and it's hard to aim for the old one when they're close. Use your Spartan Rage: Wrath (having thought to re-equip the right power after the fight against Freya), to clear the area quickly with big angry punches. Ideally, it should be done behind the tree or another obstacle.
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