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Trail of the Dead Favor God of War Ragnarok, The Crater: How to complete this jungle side quest

Trail of the Dead Favor God of War Ragnarok, The Crater: How to complete this jungle side quest

We embark on a new quest in the Crater of Vanaheim by going to hunt one of the dragons of the jungle, The Devourer of Corpses. This filthy beast has its nest on the roof of one of the ruins accessible thanks to the waterways released by the quest The Return of the River.

You will need to have completed another Vanaheim Crater quest in God of War Ragnarok before embarking on this one, as you will need the water level to be raised, thanks to your achievements in The Return of the River. We now go hunting for dragons in the jungle, starting by hunting the troll that has been bothering you since your arrival in the area.

troll hunt

Now that the water level has regained its balance throughout The Crater and therefore in the jungle, take a canoe with Freya because it's time to go get the naughty troll who was throwing big stones at you when you arrived. . Go around the arena well to reach a new platform with a blue flag and hit the two large enemies present a little further . Before dying, the second will be embarked by the dragon that interests us in this quest. Now at least the path is clear, turn around, take your boat back and this time we're going to go to the opposite end of this region to get the flying boss.

God of War: Ragnarok

Go get the dragon

The rest happens to the right of the celestial altar at the very end of the jungle: there you can access a path in the ruins which will take you from hook to hook to be able to access a higher pillar. To cross on the one opposite, you will have to click one of these famous sequences of sigillary arrows until you can ignite everything and reveal a new hook. Simply continue your ascent and you will eventually fall into the arena of the Devourer of Corpses, the prey that interests us for this mission.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

Boss: Fight against The Devourer of Corpses

Not much to say about the corpse-devouring dragon, except that its attacks and moves are modeled after the Crimson Terror you had to defeat on the plains to save Freyr's buddy in the For Vanaheim quest. The only striking difference is finally the element borrowed by the creature, but for the rest the fight remains essentially the same. Be careful all the same with its direct dive, the devourer will not rush you directly, but rather try to crush you with its legs when it arrives near you.

God of War Ragnarok: How to beat the flying dragon in Vanaheim?

The time has come for Kratos to become a dragon slayer in Vanaheim to forge God of War scale armor. Here's a written strategy guide with tips and tricks for defeating him on maximum difficulty, as well as a video of the fight in this mode.

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