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God of War Ragnarok interactive map: Artifacts, knowledge... Where to find all the collectibles

God of War Ragnarok interactive map: Artifacts, knowledge... Where to find all the collectibles

Discover the interactive map which should help you collect all the necessary collectibles if you are on the hunt for the platinum trophy of this new God of War: it includes the 9 kingdoms, with the location of all the knowledge, artifacts and points of achievement. interest of the world.

It has become a little ritual, we offer you in many games of which we are the walkthrough to go and see the work of MapGenie , the site specializing in interactive maps including the location of all the collectibles and points of interest of the biggest cards in the video game world. God of War Ragnarok is no exception to the rule, with a map that should help you recover all the knowledge and artifacts in the game.

Map of the 9 Kingdoms

You start to know how it works, Mapgenie's interactive maps offer all the necessary options allowing you to recover precisely the objects you want. For a linear game like God of War Ragnarok, it's more limited of interest than true open worlds, but for retrieving all the artifacts and lore, it'll probably come in very handy. Indeed, some areas of the game are much larger than average and the various steles and other collectibles: these objects will allow you to acquire experience and money for your progress, but it is also a crucial step to collect the platinum trophy.

  • God of War Ragnarok Interactive Mapby MapGenie
God of War: Ragnarok

Norn and Legendary Chests

Mapgenie's interactive map is very useful for all basic collectibles, which simply require knowing the location of the object to be collected . But it's much more complex for everything related to the legendary chests and especially the famous chests of the norns, since for these you will have to solve puzzles to reach them, when they will simply not be inaccessible during the first passage. in some kingdoms. This is why we offer you our walkthrough of these chests , which will perfectly complement the work of the Mapgénie team, to be found in the index below, classified by kingdom.

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