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Gná God of War Ragnarök: How to beat the queen of the valkyries?

Gná God of War Ragnarök: How to beat the queen of the valkyries?

The ultimate boss in this God of War is really difficult, and completing the challenge is not for everyone. To wrap up Kratos and Freya's story, here's a written strategy guide with tips for defeating him on max difficulty, along with a video of the fight in that mode.

The 2018 game's queen of valkyries was already quite difficult and frustrating, and God of War Ragnarök is doing it again with an even more painful and dangerous version. At least you can consider yourself truly game over when you pluck her.

The objective of this boss guide is to help you beat her on maximum difficulty, "God of War only", so that it is relevant for all levels. The video above was made in this mode, this required long hours of training. Suffice to say that blood and water were shed to achieve this.

God of War: Ragnarok


Defeating Gná is the last combat-related activity you should undertake in-game. You are advised to have done everything else, including the King of Berserkers. Unless you're an excellent player, having a fully-featured level 9 gear that's well-optimized to suit your preferences and playstyle is pretty much mandatory. In the same way, unlock all the skills of all the weapons, improve your runic attacks, and do the same for Freya. It is also necessary to have opened all the chests of Norns.

There are plenty of good pieces of gear in the game, for this fight we chose to use the shoulder pads which consume Rage in order to keep Kratos alive. It's not an exaggeration to say that even at 100% health, this boss can kill you in a single combo.

Surely you have your preferences, but we suggest that you use the following runes in your Talisman:

  • Increased dodge distance : Absolutely vital for getting out of areas of effect quickly and dodging boss attacks more easily.
  • 25% resistance to all afflictions : It is used for resistance to Bifrost, which will often be the difference between life and death. But it is optional.
  • Reduced Rage Cost and Cancellation of Fury : Absolutely fantastic, this allows the use of the activating stun explosion of Spartan Rage: Fury to interrupt painful attacks, or even remove an ailment. This also allows you to vent some of your overflowing rage if needed, without spoiling it.

    Consider buying a Berserker Resurrection Stone from the blacksmith.

God of War: Ragnarok


This boss is really tough, since some of his main attacks and combos are incredibly fast. While the majority of bosses give you a moment to react by preparing a red attack, this is not the case here. Unless you have excellent reflexes (which is not our case), you have to know the fight well, and anticipate the next action of the boss, since it can follow very quickly.

You also have to find the right balance between attack and defense. One of the problems with Gná is that she's not very tall, so it's hard to read her movements in the heat of battle, when she's covered in explosions, flames, and other special effects. Staying in melee preparing to deal with his next attack, as one usually does, is often deadly, as his air grab and wing whirlwind simply come too fast to be countered in melee. We advise you instead to attack when there is an opening, then to retreat when a counter-attack will not be long in coming.

Another point to consider is that quite a few of Gná's attacks and actions ignore stuns and other posture-breaking effects, such as runic attacks, and even Spartan Rage, which will expose you to a combo when you're stuck in mid-animation.

This boss has a lot of life, don't expect to win a DPS race, when she can kill you at the slightest mistake on your part. It is better to be careful and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Distancing herself from the boss greatly limits the abilities she can use, and it also gives you time to react, since you're expecting them.

Then it's a question of perseverance and discipline. Expect to die very often and very quickly, even when Gná is nearly dead, as she loves to unleash nefarious combos. The slightest mistake is fatal.

List of attacks and how to counter them

Gná has a very high number of attacks, which contributes to her difficulty, especially when she combines them. We will do our best to explain how to handle them.

Columns of Bifrost (red attack) : Sent very quickly, including when you are in melee, this ability will hit the area with 3 orbital shots of Bifrost, forming a straight line. The initial beam deals titanic damage, but it is very short. A puddle of Bifrost then remains on the ground for a few seconds, it does not inflict direct damage, but you will quickly accumulate the debuff if you walk in it. It is advisable to purge it quickly with Spartan Rage. To dodge this attack, the best solution is to simply back up when she is likely to launch it. Be careful, she almost always follows up with her wing impalement charge next.

God of War: Ragnarok

Wing impalement charge (red attack) : Without a doubt Gná's N°1 technique, both in its number of uses and in its dangerousness. Whenever she's ranged, expect her to unleash this lightning-fast, long-range attack that deals heavy damage. When the red circle appears, you have already been impaled. Its weakness is its accuracy, sometimes the boss misses you with it, just because you took a step to the right at the right time. A quick dodge at the last moment is the answer in theory, but the problem is that it's hard to gauge in the heat of the moment whether she's going to use Wing Impale or Wing Sweep, an alternative attack. . Dodging to the left is one option, but then the attack hitbox looks pretty weird, and you're likely to get hit, even looking like you're out of range. In summary, this attack is your worst nightmare, and it's the only one we fail to handle properly a good chunk of the time.

God of War: Ragnarok

Wing Sweep (Normal Attack) : When Gná charges at you from a distance, she will often feint you, rather than impale you, she will sweep with her wing on the left, which risks hitting you if you try to dodge from that side, thinking she was going to impale you. You can try to block immediately after your dodge (without rolling), or you can shift to the right and then block. But be careful, this is only the beginning of the combo, she will follow up with several wing strikes, with her whirlwind, a wing flip, an aerial grab, and potentially an impalement charge. In summary, be on your guard.

God of War: Ragnarok

Air grab (red attack) : This is certainly the attack that will make you angry the most during this fight, and it is because of it that we advise you not to linger in melee after a few combos. She can activate it remotely, which will trigger a long charge across the entire area, which is quite easy to dodge. But if you are in melee, its triggering is almost instantaneous. She will then grab you, throw you in the air, and then hit you with her sword, which really hurts. What's worse is that she can trigger this attack even during Spartan's Rage trigger, and when you're enraged.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

For Asgard! (red attack) : The third unbearable attack is his aerial strike, accompanied by the shout "For Asgard!" which you will quickly be stuffed. She usually throws it from a distance, after throwing two rounds of projectiles, but sometimes she also triggers it in melee. While other bosses give you a few moments to react when they fly off, that's not the case here, and landing on your bald head is incredibly quick. This attack can block you, even when enraged, so be extremely careful when activating it. She will then stomp on your face, inflicting immense damage. Even by hammering the "Round" button you will suffer at least 3 hits, or 75% of your life bar. The solution is obviously to perform a roll as soon as you see it fly away. She can use this ability between one and three times, consider that she will always do it 3 times, since if you do not instantly chain your rolls, she will crush you, given the speed at which she chains. If she interrupts her attack before the third time, expect projectiles and then "For Asgard!" again, or to a wing impalement.

God of War: Ragnarok

Things get more complicated from around 50% life , since she will combine the technique with the columns of Bifrost. Its impact on the ground is then shifted, you have to retreat quickly in order to avoid the 3 columns, and wait a good second , so as not to be crushed by its impact. This is especially true for the second and third impact, getting the right rhythm is not easy.

Towards the end of the fight, she will mix up the two versions of the attack, so be on your guard.

God of War: Ragnarok

Feathers of Bifrost (normal attack) and (red attack) : When you are at a distance, Gná has a lot of attacks too, his feathers being his favorite. They exist in two versions. When she steps aside by extending her wing, it is that she will send guided feathers, impossible to dodge . The best solution is to simply shield them. She will then send out another series of projectiles, this can be other guided feathers, or ones that go straight, which are impossible to block. You have to watch your animations carefully, and have enough distance to react. If you dodge the guided feathers, you probably won't have time to block them.

After sending his projectiles, Gná can launch new series of them, do a wing impale, or a "For Asgard!", so be ready for anything.

God of War: Ragnarok

Shurikens (red attack) : Gná loves to combine ranged attacks. If she activates a red circle from afar, dodge sideways, shurikens are coming, and they really hurt. IF you cashed in Bifrost Feathers just before, it can even kill you. Ironically, if you're very far away, the shurikens can miss you, since they splay out a bit to the sides, and you're safe in the center, but don't count on it too much.

God of War: Ragnarok

Spinning shurikens (red attack) : This exotic attack releases 2 shurikens with 2 random elements (frost, fire, poison) which will form larger and larger circles in the area. They look like they can be destroyed under certain conditions, for example, if they hit Freya, but it's quite difficult to control. The problem with this attack is that it lasts a long time, and tends to hit you by surprise, when you're busy with another boss ability. We advise you to retreat as far as possible from the shuriken area, then, when their circle is wide enough, to enter the central area, which is now safe.

God of War: Ragnarok

Air Kick (Normal Attack) and (Red Attack) : Gná often flies up before crashing into your position to kick you. It's not easy to handle well when you're completely stressed out about "For Asgard!" as soon as it pretends to fly away. To complicate matters, there are two versions of this kick. The normal version, used at the start of combat, can be blocked or even parried. This is ideal, because in the event of a backward roll, it will still hit you. The parry will make her vulnerable and avoid the second hit. If you can't do this, prefer a roll on its flanks, if you don't have the reflex to parry. The problem comes then, it triggers a second kick, unstoppable, with an area of frost on arrival, it is absolutely necessary to dodge it. Once the boss' life is a bit lower, she'll only land unstoppable kicks.

God of War: Ragnarok

Whirlwind of Wings (Normal Attack) : It's amazing how many painful attacks this boss has. Gná can trigger this attack instantly after charging through the area, even in melee. We never managed to parry it. If it hits you, it will pull Kratos in, while locking him in an animation that prevents him from dodging or blocking. This is the second reason why we prefer not to linger in melee. Also be very wary after Gná's charges, you have to either be very fast, so as not to let her send her whirlwind, or wait a moment, with the shield up, in order to block it.

God of War: Ragnarok

Waves of Bifrost (yellow attack) : Another really notable attack from Gná is a series of small jumps accompanied by a yellow circle. This will trigger each time a very painful wave of Bifrost, over several meters. She will chain the attack 3 to 4 times, while pivoting to follow you. You have two options, if you are really close to the boss, the best is to parry . This will instantly interrupt the combo, and give you a nice attacking opportunity. But if you are a few meters away, the parry will accomplish nothing, and subsequent waves will occur. In this case, it is better to chain the dodges. Be careful though, if you dodge from behind, a wing impalement awaits you next.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

Electric Explosion (Blue Attack) : The boss prepares to hit the ground, dealing devastating damage over a wide area. This ability is much faster than other bosses' blue attacks, and the interrupt doesn't seem to work from as far away, so we suggest you quickly back up, if you're not close enough, instead than taking the risk of ending up grilled.

God of War: Ragnarok

Sonic Stone (red attack) : This fight is really meant to be done with Freya. When the boss flies away grabbing a rock, you have to use a sonic arrow to smash it and stun Gná. Also remember to press Square afterwards, to trigger Freya's bonus attack. Make sure you have auto-lock the boss, and have an arrow in reserve. Freya has a bad habit of shooting into the ground, otherwise, which could be deadly. Otherwise, roll sideways at the last moment to avoid the rock.

God of War: Ragnarok

Fire Wave (Red Attack) : Another attack that requires Freya to intervene. Remember to change the type of arrow (if necessary), you need a seal (purple). This will cause an explosion which will set the boss on fire. Also remember to press Square afterwards, to trigger Freya's bonus attack. Suffice to say that it's all good! Make sure you have auto-lock the boss, and have an arrow in reserve. Otherwise, roll sideways at the last moment to avoid the flames.

God of War: Ragnarok

Gna has other attacks in her repertoire, like her long-range yellow charge, or her combo of normal melee attacks, but they're not particularly difficult to parry or dodge. These are all opportunities to counter-attack, do not neglect them. The same goes for his wing shield, which is a weakness.

Then you have to manage your rage and your life well. Don't forget that the life stones on the ground will make the boss flinch. A good chain of runic attacks and powerful spear explosions can also block Gná for a few moments, allowing you to inflict heavy damage on him. But don't take any risks either, it only takes a moment for the boss to turn the situation against you.

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