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LoL Teamfight Tactics, TFT: Sorcerers, Yordles, Knights, composition guide

LoL Teamfight Tactics, TFT: Sorcerers, Yordles, Knights, composition guide

There is no limit to the number of compositions you can build in Teamfight Tactics. Today, we focus on a lineup centered around Sorcerers, Yordles and Knights traits. Very resilient, and also capable of inflicting heavy damages, this is one the current meta best compositions.

LoL Teamfight Tactics, TFT: Sorcerers, Yordles, Knights, composition guide

In a certain way, Teamfight Tactics is similar to a mind-breaker, or to a Rubik's Cube: you want to achieve a certain result but there are absolutely no limits to the number of situations that you may encounter. However, it does not mean you should not aim for a specific composition while developing your strategy.

That's why you should always have in mind a dream team, while perpetually asking yourself: "What is my best upgrade? What will be my next Champion?"

The Level 9 Dream Team

Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

Traits & Synergies

If you manage to reach the level 9 — which is quite rare — you'll benefit from the following Traits:

  • (6) Sorcerers → All allies get + 100% spell damage
  • (2) Knights → Knights block 20 damage from basic attacks.
  • (3) Yordles → Attacks against Yordles have 25% chance to miss.
  • (2) Phantoms → At the start of the round, curse a random enemy reducing his HP to 100.
  • (2) Dragons → Dragons are immune to magic damage.

Pros & Cons

+ Best Magic Damage of the current meta
+ Immunity to Magic Damage on Dragons (Shyvana, Aurelion Sol) means you counter other Sorcerers' composition.
+ Yordles (Lulu, Veigar, Poppy) will dodge, making them (almost) good in frontline
+ Knights will help you to gain enough time to proc all your abilities, obliterating your enemy.

- Lack of Crowd Control (replacing Poppy by Gnar might be a good alternative, even if you're losing (2) Knights trait)
- Really dependent on positioning, especially when facing Assassins compositions.

To be also noted...

  • Karthus and Aurelion Sol will be your hyper-carry. Remember to give them items in priority.
  • Karthus is not mandatory. You can pick Ahri until you find him.
  • If you choose to pick Gnar instead of Poppy, Ahri might then be a better choice as it will unlock the (2) Wild trait.
  • Another path would be to cut either Morgana for Karthus.
  • Do not cut Kassadin: even though his damage is ridiculous in that composition, his ability to "silence" one Champion will probably be decisive in late-game.

What to do, and what not to do...


  • Try to get Tier 2 Champions as soon as possible even though they're not matching your composition. Nidalee, Warwick, Darius or Garen could fit perfectly.
  • Pick Kassadin as soon as possible. He's the only Sorcerer that you can get at level 1.
  • You won't get any Sorcerer before reaching level 3. You will most likely get your (3) Sorcerers trait between level 4 and 5.
  • Keep in mind that you want to craft specific items: you should prioritize Tear of the Goddess, Curve Bow, Needlessly Large Rod, BF Glaive (see the next section for further details)


  • Your composition will reach its first power spike as soon as you will get your Aurelion Sol. You'll then be able to blast your opponent's lineup in a massive wombo combo.
  • Your second power spike corresponds to your (6) Sorcerers.
  • Crowd Controls dominate the endgame: make sure to properly build your Lulu (2x Spear of Shojin, 1x Rabaddon's Deathcap)
  • If you get any AD items — such as Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster — make sure to give them to your Shyvana, as she's your only Champion that will truly benefit from them.

Set of Items

Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
  • Lock of the Iron Solari: until next patch, if you manage to get three of them and stack them on any Sorcerer who's not a hard-carry (Morgana or Lulu for instance)... you win. That's all.
  • Spear of Shojin & Seraph's Embrace: we cannot stress enough how CRUCIAL these items are. Stack two Shojin on Aurelion Sol, get one Seraph on Karthus, and it's doomsday in a finger snap.
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade: is ALWAYS good on Sorcerers. Aurelion Sol will probably get the most of it.
  • Rabaddon's Deathcap: I mean... Do we really need to explain why increased spell damage is OP on Sorcerers?
  • Luden's Echo: In theory, it seems nice. Practically, the item still needs a buff. We wouldn't recommend it for now, even though it might look powerful.


The first and last enemy of your composition will be Assassins. In order to avoid a slaughter, make sure to pack your composition within one corner of the Board. Choosing between left and right depends on the positioning of other players — meaning you cannot really do it until some players are eliminated.

  • Poppy, Kassadin and Mordekaiser will be your frontline. If you picked Gnar, put it immediately in front of your opponent's team to make sure he will transform as soon as he can.
  • Ahri or Karthus will be the center of your pack — in any case, this champion should be equipped with all your Locket of the Iron Solari.
  • Aurelion Sol needs to be protected at any cost. He's your massive damage dealer, the Doom Bringer, and if he dies you can say goodbye to your victory.
  • Lulu and Morgana are just a bit tankier than other Sorcerers, meaning you can use them to protect your flanks.

Written by Jérémie "Djey" Mathis. Translated from French by

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