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Fire Emblem: Three Houses — Lost Items

One of the additional mini-games of FE3H consists in finding the owner of many lost items found in the academy of the monastery, it can be students, teachers or knights. Here is their identity for each object.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses — Lost Items

Once you have passed the introductory chapters of Fire Emblem Three Houses, you will begin to find objects on the ground in Free Day mode in the Monastery. They are recognizable by their bluish aura. Some of these objects fall into the very distinct category of lost items, and it will be necessary to find their owner.

Lost Items: some tips

  • It often happens that the lost item is close to the position a character occupied the previous month, it is a good way to know who to take it back to if you have a good memory.
  • Returning the item to its owner gives a massive gain in relationship, as well as +50 Motivation if the character has been recruited into your team.
  • You are not forced to return the item during the current month, you have until the end of the game. It is best to keep them on hand for students already recruited whose motivation is at its highest.
  • You can try to return all the items found one by one, to each of your interlocutors if you do not like to play guessing games, there is no penalty in case of error.
  • You will sometimes find an object belonging to a character who is not present at the moment, such as Flayn, or the knights of Seiros on a mission. It will be necessary to wait until the following month to return them.
  • One or two objects cannot be returned, as they belong to non-recrucible students, such as Hilda's half bottle of perfume if you play Black Eagles.

Lost items by students


Lost Items


White Glove
Time-worn Quill Pen
Eastern Porcelain


Dulled Longsword
Black Leather Gloves
Training Logbook


Leather Bow Sheath
Mild Stomach Poison
Board Game Piece


Hresvelg Treatise
Noxious Handkerchief
Folding Razor


Silver Brooch
Songstress Poster
Lovely Comb


Gold Earring
Gardening Sheers
Iron Cooking Pot


Black Iron Spur
Sword Belt Fragment
Toothed Dagger


Artificial Flower
A Treatise on Etiquette
Silk Handkerchief


Handmade Hair Clip
Spotless Bandage
Used Bottle of Perfume


Maintenance Oil
Agricultural Survey
Bag of Tea Leaves


Book of Ghost Stories
Fruit Preserves
How to Bake Sweets


Wooden Button
Burlap Sack of Rocks
Big Spoon


Needle and Thread
Still-Life Picture
Hedgehog Case


Moon Knight’s Tale
Evil-Repelling Amulet
Bundle of Herbs


Encyclopedia of Sweets
Princess Doll
New Bottle of Perfume


Thunderbrand Replica
Tattered Overcoat
Grounding Charm


The Saints Revealed
Feather Pillow
Animated Bait


Exotic Feather
Small Tanned Hide
Annotated Dictionary


Unfinished Score
School of Sorcery Book
Wax Diptych


Unused Lipstick
Crumpled Love Letter
The History of Sreng


Pegasus Horseshoes
Jousting Almanac
Curry Comb


Blue Stone
Art Book
Letter to the Goddess


Bag of Seeds
How to be Tidy
Confessional Letter


Hand Drawn Map
Crude Arrowheads
Fur Scarf

Lots Items by Monastery staff


Lost items


Lens Cloth
Hammer and Chisel
Sketch of a Sigil


Wellness Herbs
Clean Dusting Cloth
Light Purple Veil


Introduction to Magic
Foreign Gold Coin
Mysterious Notebook


Weathered Cloak
Letter to Rhea
Badge of Graduation


Well-Used Hatchet
Portrait of Rhea
Old Cleaning Cloth


Antique Clasp
Old Map of Enbarr
Dusty Book of Fables


Unfinished Fable
Old Fishing Rod
Snapped Writing Quill


Noseless Puppet
Carving Hammer
Silver Necklace


Bundle of Dry Hemp
Centipede Picture
Animal Bone Dice

Written by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet. Translated from French by

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