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Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield: Walkthrough, part 17, the Wyndon Gym Championship Finals

Pokémon Sword and Shield Walkthrough & Guide
Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield: Walkthrough, part 17, the Wyndon Gym Championship Finals

Before defeating the undisputed Master of Galar, you will have to face some Trainers at Wyndon Gym Finals.

Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield: Walkthrough, part 17,  the Wyndon Gym Championship Finals

After a good night's sleep at the hotel, the day arrived.

Go to Wyndon Stadium to play your Final Match against the League Master. But first you will have to participate in the Wyndon Championship and face some trainers among the 7 Galar Champions.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Wyndon Gym Championship

Leon will launch the opening ceremony of the Championship but that was not counting Bede's interruption. He'll want to take revenge on you.

Bede the Fairy type champion

8480 Pokédollars

Mawile level 51
Gardevoir level 51
Rapidash level 52
Hatterne level 53

Your Pokémon will be healed automatically. As a reminder, you can modify your team at any time by using the menu.

You start with the Water Type Champion. So try to take some Grass and Electric type Pokémon.

Nessa the Water typer champion

8480 Pokédollars

Golisopod level 51
Barraskewda level 52
Seaking level 52
Pelipper level 51
Drednaw level 53

The next match is against the Fighting Type for the Sword version or Ghost Type for the Shield one. Use Pokémon of the Fairy, Psychic and Fly types.

Bea the Fighting type champion

8640 Pokédollars

Hawlucha level 52
Grapploct level 52
Sirfetch'd level 53
Falinks level 53
Machamp level 54 (Dynamaxed for 3 turns)

For the last fight of the Championship, you will obviously have to fight Raihan again. Prepare your team with Dragon, Fairy and Ice Pokémon.

Raihan the Dragon type champion

8800 Pokédollars

Torkoal level 53
Goodra level 54
Turtonator level 54
Flygon level 54
Duraludon level 55

It is now time to defeat Leon, the Master of Galar.

But as expected, Chairman Rose will interrupt the fight. Obsessed by the Disaster that is supposed to spread in 1000 years on Galar, and overwhelmed by Leon's refusal to help him, the president simply decided to trigger the Dark Night by himself in order to eradicate it as soon as possible.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Your mission? Retrieve the Legendary Sword and Shield Pokémon to protect Galar from the Dark Night.

Go to Slumbering Weald for the rest of the adventure.

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