Rise of the Elements
TFT Set 3: Elemental Hexes removed for Galaxies update

With the release of Teamfight Tactics' new set, Galaxies, it's time to say goodbye to a core mechanic introduced with Rise of the Elements: the elemental hexes.

TFT Set 3: Elemental Hexes removed for Galaxies update

We often tend to forget that in the realm of video games, Teamfight Tactics is an infant. In just a few months, Riot Games managed to give birth their own take on the auto-battler, yet their production is still far from perfect. It's something only to be expected with a relative new project.

Developing a game requires an empirical attitude, naturally leading to tests and errors. Above all, it serves to identify solid and lasting concepts, while highlighting those that are weaker or unsuitable.

This is precisely the case with elemental hexes. Introduced with Rise of the Elements, this mechanic infuses certain tiles on the board with an element, giving the champion who occupies it a buff.

The elemental hexes buffs - Teamfight Tactics
The elemental hexes buffs

However, although Riot Games are "satisfied with the way the system is working", they have decided that elemental hexes won't be included in Galaxies, the new set coming to Teamfight Tactics.

Firstly, the mechanic posed a problem in clarity since it used the same system as items. Also, balancing the power level of the hexes was subject to conflict.

When the buff they conferred was too low, players lost interest to the point that they were ignored. On the contrary, if their impact was too great, they became win condition instead of just one dimension to a strategy.

In addition, elemental hexes were directly related to Qiyana's Origin, meaning it was much harder for Riot to introduce new types of tiles without making changes to the champion at the same time.

"We wanted something that can evolve," Riot said, "The elemental hexes are interesting, but we were disappointed that we couldn't add more as we went along."

Qiyana's class and origins in Teamfight Tactics - Teamfight Tactics
Qiyana's class and origins in Teamfight Tactics

To replace this core TFT mechanic, Riot have designed and developed another system: Galaxies.

To find out more, check out the article below!

Say hello to Teamfight Tactics' new core mechanic: Galaxies!

The new set is soon to come to Teamfight Tactics, and comes complete with a brand new gameplay system: Galaxies.

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