Rise of the Elements
TFT Set 3 introduces Galaxies as a new core mechanic

The new set is soon to come to Teamfight Tactics, and comes complete with a brand new gameplay system: Galaxies.

TFT Set 3 introduces Galaxies as a new core mechanic

In March, Teamfight Tactics will undergo a significant revamp with a brand new set.

As with Rise of the Elements, Riot Games promises new traits, champions, skins, boards, and Little Legends. However, what will truly revolutionize the League of Legends auto-battler is the arrival of a whole new mechanic: Galaxies.

Following the removal of Elementary Hexes, Riot Games has decided to introduce a new system, allowing "more variety" while requiring players to express "even more adaptability".

Say goodbye to Elemental Hexes... - Teamfight Tactics
Say goodbye to Elemental Hexes...

With Galaxies, some of your TFT games "will take you to another galaxy where the rules will be slightly different." You'll still be able to play with the standard rules, but there will be no way of knowing what galaxy you're in when queueing. In other words, players will all simultaneously discover that they have been transported to another universe when the game starts.

For now, Riot Games have only given us two examples of what we can expect from Galaxies: the Neekoverse, and the "4-gold carousel" (apparently, the name isn't confirmed).

With the Neekoverse, you'll find yourself in a galaxy where all players start the game with two Neeko's Help, while the "4-gold carousel" will transport you to a game where the first carousel only contains Tier 4 champions.

A fist full of Neeko's Help, that's all Little Legends need... - Teamfight Tactics
A fist full of Neeko's Help, that's all Little Legends need...

Riot Games have remained quiet as to what other rules will soon apply to TFT games. However, they're planning on implementing "10 different galaxies", while specifying that "some might also disappear".

Reading between the lines, this seems to imply that Riot will consider rotation in the game, as Blizzard has done with expansions in Hearthstone.

What do you think of this new mechanic? What else do you think Riot has in store for us? Let us know in the comments section below!

Riot Games announce Teamfight Tactics upcoming set: Galaxies!

After unleashing the Elements in their previous set, Riot Games are taking us on a whole new journey into the galaxies! New core mechanism, new traits, champions, and Little Legends — everything you need to know about Galaxies is in this dedicated article!

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