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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 16.4.1: Tirion rotates out

Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 16.4.1: Tirion rotates out

It's certainly a small patch, but Tirion leaving Battlegrounds is a piece of big news nonetheless...

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 16.4.1: Tirion rotates out

Less than a week ago, Battlegrounds' last update introduced the Dragon tribe with seven new heroes and several minions, and Blizzard is already preparing a new update!

Patch 16.4.1

Although we do know that several new heroes are planned to be released, Blizzard remain quite mysterious about their identity. We will update this article as soon as we get more information on the subject.

The next patch of Battlegrounds should hit live between March 16 and 20.

Goodbye Tirion, hello Queen Wagtoggle

That's the only solid piece of information that we can reveal to you: Tirion Fordring is leaving the Battlegrounds, while Queen Wagtoggle is back! It is expected that her hero power has been changed but we don't know how yet.

Out - Hearthstone
In - Hearthstone

What's next?

In an interview given to HearthPwn during the Community Summit, Lead Card Designer August Dean "IskarHS" Ayala gave a few insights about the future of Hearthstone's game mode.

I think over the next year we have big plans for Battlegrounds. The first thing we want to nail is the content pipeline. Like, how often are we changing things. That can be Hero Balance, that can be content update. I think the content patch that is coming, the Dragons patch, is probably like 75% to 85% of what we would want a big content update to be. So I think in the future you can expect big content updates around the same time you get expansion updates, so every 3 or 4 months. And then in between them we are going to do tons of Hero Balance, tons of card changes and that sort of thing.

Battlegrounds probably launched before it really had that final level of polish. I think it still has the beta tag on it for a reason. So we'd love to add some progression systems, love to add some goals for different players to hit. There’s just a bunch of features that we want to do first, like for instance getting 8 player lobbies, so you can queue up with your friends, but also for organizers outside of Blizzard to also make their own tournaments and broadcast those for people to watch. So that’s really the first feature. We’d love to do more, but that’s going to take some time.
Dean Ayala (Source)

A lot of new things are heading to Battlegrounds! How do you feel about these changes? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below!

Patch 16.4 introduces the Dragon tribe to Battlegrounds!

Seven new heroes, a legion of new minions including Dragons — Patch 16.4 is bringing some major changes to Battlegrounds!


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