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A Season Pass incoming in Hearthstone?

A Season Pass incoming in Hearthstone?

According to several sources, a survey would have been sent to players regarding the future implementation of a season pass in Blizzard's CCG...

A Season Pass incoming in Hearthstone?

Whereas it's called battle pass or a season pass, gradually obtaining rewards based on the experience you gather through playing is the latest trendy feature in video games. League of Legends, Fortnite, Valorant, or Warzoneall succumbed to that monetization solution that's actually often the result of community demand.

Most of the time, this pass contains free and paid parts that both reward players with unique cosmetics that are often only obtainable through this mean and during this season

Valorant's Battle Pass — Screenshot Courtesy of Riot Games - Hearthstone
Valorant's Battle Pass — Screenshot Courtesy of Riot Games

According to OutofCards, Blizzard is actually studying the question, as testified by a survey they would have sent to a few people.

Currently, progress tracking on Hearthstone is quite limited. Raising your level 60 heroes allows you to obtain golden cards from the Classic set, winning 500 to 1000 games in ranked mode gives you access to alternative golden portraits of your favorite heroes, quests are possible every day in order to collect some coins.

Leak of the progression system for Hearthstone (Source: OutofCards) - Hearthstone
Leak of the progression system for Hearthstone (Source: OutofCards)

This document presents the future rewards offered for this season pass. There would be 100 tiers with rewards, with a maximum set to 150. The latter would be implemented at the same time as an expansion and would last about 4 months.

Players would be reward with classic card packs, free legendaries as well as new artworks for Heroes or the Coin.

All these new features could actually hit live fairly quickly. Looking at the schedule provided by Blizzard, we can expect them to be implemented around, at the beginning of the year of the Phoenix. Act 3 mentions an overhaul of the progression system, like the one shown above.


Of course, Blizzard hasn't yet communicated about the subject, and all of these leaks have to be taken cautiously.

In any case, we will have to arm ourselves with patience before being able to obtain this new system so promising. However, another shorter deadline is planned for the next few weeks, namely a new game mode as indicated on the schedule, of which we are still without news. But in view of all the news already announced in recent months, Team 5 promises us good content for the rest of the year of the Phoenix.

Hearthstone is home to a new easter egg that will let you summon Mr. Bigglesworth!

If you play Battlegrounds you might have already had the opportunity to play with Mr. Bigglesworth — but in Constructed things were more complicated, as no card directly allows to summon it. And yet, a solution exists to play it!

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