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Why is there a lack of quest sharing in New World?

Why is there a lack of quest sharing in New World?

Questing together and in parallel with friends is usually a big part of any MMO experience, but is a feature that's sorely lacking in Amazon's New World.

New World is a game with community at its heart -- both by virtue of it being an MMO and also by design. The way the game uses Factions, and Companies within those Factions to serve its Territory control aspect, encourages players to group up in service of the greater good of Aeternum.

This is highlighted in the way Faction Missions work -- quests that advance your Faction's influence in an area, except there's a catch -- players cannot share any quests and follow them together with their friends, and the random nature of how Faction Missions are given exacerbates this.

For players to come across the same quests at the same time as their friends takes a colossal amount of luck, and even starting the game together could see players begin in different zones.

One player has expressed their frustration on Reddit in an attempt to highlight the issue and make a difference.

As Krytoric suggests, the experience of New World is much less appealing when players are blocked from truly playing together.

Doing Expeditions in a group is fine, as is teaming up to take on an Elite area, but quest sharing as a whole should be essential in a game like New World.

Krytoric suggests some good solutions, including one where only the group leader can accept quests for the rest of the group to enjoy. Quest sharing might even save some players quite a bit of time walking from one Settlement to another.

We completely agree with Krytoric's arguments -- quest sharing is a boon for group play, and a convenient way to track quests without being interrupted by players who aren't at the same point in progressing.

It can be off-putting to have to wait for someone to complete a questline and then join them, especially when your potential playtime is limited.

If New World was intended to be played mostly solo, then this wouldn't be too much of an issue, but it's clearly a game that Amazon wants people to team up for as much as possible. As such, the lack of quest sharing is a glaring oversight, one we hope the developers address sooner rather than later.

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