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New World: Make sure you keep the Weaver's Knot!

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New World: Make sure you keep the Weaver's Knot!

While most quest rewards will offer rewards you'll just salvage for junk in New World, one quest in particular in the Weaver's Fen offers a reward you'll want to keep at all costs.

If you haven't already done so, make sure you do the side quests the Weaver's Fen territory of New World has to offer -- the continuation of one questline in particular may just delight you.

Thadeus Allen, found at the settlement, will give you a quest called Troubled Waters with a level 28 requirement, followed by Hope from the Past

The third quest, Refire the Forges, is the one we're interested in. It's given by Claes Erasmus in the settlement.

The reward from this quest is the crown jewel you're looking for here. The Weaver's Knot ring is a Rare-quality item that inlcudes a double Luck perk - the one that increases your chances of finding rare items from chests and monsters.

This perk could come in at as little as +0.5% per perk, rising to a potential 2.8%.

While the less fortunate with the percentages will likely just salvage this ring -- you can add a Chunk of Adderstone to a crafted item to potentially give you a better percentage chance. 

However, in the meantime, take advantage of the bonus! 

The Weaver's Knot ring. Image: New World Database - New World
The Weaver's Knot ring. Image: New World Database

Should you hit the big time with the percentages, you could be looking at more than a five percent chance of scoring rare items.

Without using the Chunk of Adderstone, the chances of gaining the perk in a ring through Azoth use when crafting are incredbly small -- it could even take hundreds of attempts. 

As such, the Weaver's Knot is an item you'll want to keep, if only to equip when farming for rare resources. 

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